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A Quick Glimpse at Cannabis Culture

The term ‘cannabis culture’ has been thrown around loosely for a little over a decade, coinciding with the popularity of the substance following its decriminalization and legalization across the globe. The term may be recognizable but many are yet to put any specific meaning to it.

As defined by Maximum Yield, the term ‘cannabis culture’ is used to describe a shared set of beliefs, ideals and practices among marijuana enthusiasts.

Cannabis culture is an ever-evolving set of beliefs, norms and practices upheld by cannabis consumers and enthusiasts, who use cannabis both recreationally and medicinally, as individuals and in community. Unlike certain cultures, the precepts upheld as part of ‘cannabis culture’ are not strictly defined. Instead, cannabis culture takes into consideration all possible aspects of knowledge and practices engaged in by marijuana enthusiasts. These aspects include;

  • New and healthy ways to consume cannabis
  • Developments in cannabis technology (Cannabis Biotech)
  • New cannabis products
  • Cannabis related events and holidays, one of which is the globally popular 420.
A public smoking session in honour of 420 celebrations undertaken by cannabis consumers and enthusiasts.

What exactly does the Term ‘420’ mean?

In literal terms, the term ‘420’ simply refers to the 20th of April, according to the date format utilized in the United States of America. This format places the month before the day and then the year – mm/dd/yyyy.

Symbolically, 420 is an annual holiday observed amongst members of the cannabis community. Celebrated on the 20th of April yearly, cannabis cannabis consumers and enthusiasts all around the world come together in honour and solidarity with their favourite psychoactive substance. This day is often marked by a large number of celebrations including picnics, peaceful protests and rallies. In communities where cannabis is legal, it is not out of the ordinary to observe cannabis users engage in public smoking sessions.

Is there a Cannabis Community in Tauranga?

The cannabis community in Tauranga is not particularly vocal about its existence. Given the current legal status of cannabis in New Zealand, there are only a few organizations which remain vocal about their stance on marijuana use and consumption. An invaluable organization within New Zealand on matters concerning cannabis is the National Organization for the Reform of Cannabis Laws (NORML).

NORML was founded in 1979 and incorporated in 1980. Its primary goal is to sufficiently sway public opinion to legalise the responsible use of marijuana amongst adults.

NORML is invaluable to New Zealanders who are seeking to expand their knowledge base on cannabis. The organization offers unbiased education about numerous cannabis-related subject areas including;

  • Medical benefits
  • Recreational benefits
  • Effects of cannabis use
  • Knowledge of cannabis culture
  • Research based articles on laws inhibiting cannabis consumption amongst others.

NORML hosts a more political version of the 420 holidays, and this is referred to as J-Day. J-Day is an annual celebration – just like 420 – with the primary objective of protesting against prohibition while uplifting Kiwi cannabis culture. This year’s J-Day (The 28th of its kind) was held on the 1st of May.

Tauranga used to be home to the medical marijuana company, Medicann. This company, however, was liquidated earlier in 2019. The liquidation was inevitable in the current market – the supply of marijuana does not match its demand. As reported by Brian Gaynor, the head of investments at Millford Asset Management, ‘the issue with marijuana is that it’s very easy to grow and there’s a big oversupply of it worldwide, and everyone thought there was going to be a big boom. So you know it’s easy to produce and there are a whole pile of companies setting themselves up, but I’m not sure the demand is anywhere near the supply”.

Can We Expect A Revolution in the New Zealand Cannabis Community?

The residents and citizens of New Zealand may be on their way to witnessing a revolution on cannabis within their nation. It has been decided that New Zealanders will be given the opportunity to vote in a referendum which will allow the general public to decide on the legal status of cannabis in the nation.

Information offered by Chief Minister Andrew Little describes the referendum as a simple yes or no questionnaire. The questionnaire is expected to tackle subject matters including sales and distribution of the substance.

Should the residents of New Zealand vote positively on the referendum, the country would be on a fast track to witness the revolution of their cannabis communities.

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Neil believes Cannabis has medical benefits and should be prescribed by a Doctor. This site aims to provide accurate information on the science and legality of Cannabis so you can make informed decisions.

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