Weed Brownies

What are weed brownies?

Weed brownies are essentially brownies baked with a certain amount of cannabis. The  cannabis plant itself can be added to traditional brownie mix but, more often, it is baked using cannabis infused fat, such as canna oil or canna butter, as the THC is more available in that manner.

There are various terms and slang that are used to refer to pot brownies, such as “weed brownies”, “hashies”, “fun brownies”, “space cakes”, and “hash brownies”. These are also termed as “special brownies” in many areas.

How much do weed brownies cost to buy

The price of weed brownies depends on your location. For instance, in Canada, a brownie might cost around $20. The cost also depends on the quantities and dosage.

Both businesses and consumers have been baking cannabis-infused products, often referred to as “cannabis edibles”. Cannabis brownies are the most common homemade edibles, and one of the top-selling in the industry.

Cannabis edibles

Popularity of cannabis-infused edibles
Popularity of cannabis-infused edibles

Cannabis edibles have become famous for many reasons, one of which is the fact that they last longer than other edibles. You can find medical and recreational pricing for edibles, concentrates, flowers, and more at cannabis dispensaries near you. All in all, the price depends on how much you are prepared to spend on cannabis brownies.

Where are they available?

Cannabis brownies are widely available in dispensaries and other cannabis-specific stores, in places where the drug is legal. Further, there are many cannabis brownie recipes available for you to bake your own edibles. Cannabis butter is the backbone of innumerable cannabis edibles. From classic edibles like cannabis brownies and cookies to modern treats like butter chicken, canna butter is a major ingredient that can be infused into brownies to lend them the goodness of cannabis.

What does it feel like to ingest Cannabis in this way?

It is important to note that eating cannabis produces a stronger and longer-lasting psychoactive effect than smoking it. There are two main reasons for this.

  • The first reason is the pharmacokinetics of cannabis — that means, the way cannabis absorbed and excreted by the body is different when eaten than when smoking the plant.
  • The second is based on how people use cannabis. Their expectations can be easily controlled when smoking the plant. When eaten, however, one may consume too much as a result of the taste and the fact that the effects take a while to catch on.

What does the future hold for edible Cannabis?

Cannabis edibles are one of the large-scale categories of products in the industry. When Canada legalized recreational cannabis for adult use, it did not include regulations for edibles and other product which might be confused for non-cannabis alternatives.

According to a recent government survey, nearly a quarter of Canadian cannabis customers had obtained a free edible in the previous month. Nearly 58 percent of consumers prefer buying and using cannabis edibles, a recent Deloitte survey has revealed.

\When the Canadian government legalized cannabis edibles for retail sale in October of 2019, there was a rush to obtain these products. Cannabis edibles, by themselves, could become a billion-dollar industry in the future. As people see these edibles as a legal and ethical way to consume the plant, the demand will only continue to increase.

Final words

Edibles are trendy and consumers love them, especially cannabis brownies. These products are fudge or chocolate, baked with cannabis as a primary ingredient. They are typically infused using cannabis butter or oils, which is a great way to get the plant into edibles — better than using the actual cannabis flowers. Cannabis brownies are great for the industry — they bring in a lot of revenue, thanks to their popularity, and they are viewed as a more acceptable way of consuming the plant than smoking.

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