Best Cannabis Products for Women

What do women want from their Cannabis products?

In many respects, cannabis use among women is no different than cannabis use among men. However, the close alignment between use in both genders is a recent development. In the US, 2012 had only 9% of women reporting cannabis use. That percentage leaped to 43% last year after widespread legalisation. Much of the difference in use between both genders has been eroded with the gradual roll back of the social stigma that shrouds the use of the drug.

Cannabis use among women is fast becoming as prevalent as use among men. src

However, when it comes to the choice between strands and dominant compounds, there’s still a stark difference in cannabis consumption between both genders. Surveys show that women are much more inclined to CBD-based cannabis products, preferring to enjoy the medical benefits of the plant without the hallmark high induced by its THC content. To further complicate things, cannabis interacts with the female brain in a different manner than it does with the male brain. Theories have linked the preference for CBD products among women to coping strategies for stress, pain management, and alleviation of various symptoms. Nonetheless, although the main causal factor behind this preference for CBD-dominant cannabis products among women still largely remains a mystery, the fact of the preference itself is well established.

How is that different to what men want from their cannabis products?

Men are predisposed to handling the social stigma surrounding cannabis use better than women. Since they’re more sensitive to the social stigma than men, women prefer to stay clear of smokeables, opting instead for more discreet, less intoxicating CBD-dominant products such as edibles, oil, creams, and other products. On the other hand, men are more predisposed to using THC, the psychoactive component that generates the high. They’re more inclined to smokeables and vaping products since these ones deliver substantial doses of THC to the body in an instance.

Also, when compared to men, women are generally less inclined to experiment with the drug, preferring to remain loyal to a favorite brand or product rather than trying out many different products. Women are also less willing than men to shell out money for premium cannabis products, although they also more willing to pay extra for products that have undergone tests and quality checks.

What are the best women’s cannabis products worldwide?

Most of the women who prefer CBD-dominant products to those with greater THC contents are looking to use the drug to manage various symptoms. Many of these CBD products are designed to help women manage ailments unique to their gender, including menstrual cramps and pains. Indica-dominant strains are highly effective in fighting insomnia induced by menopause, for example.

Cannabis products are fast-becoming the go-to medication for managing symptoms of menstruation and menopause. src

However, many others who prefer CBD products are swayed by the lower health risks associated with CBD products. In general, non-smokeables are more popular among women compared to smokeables. This is also in tandem with the fact that smoking is generally less prevalent among women. The CBD-based products most popular among women range widely, from edible to topical products, as well as CBD-infused skin and bath products. According to estimates by Coherent Market Insights, CBD-based products sold to the tune of $3.5 billion in 2017. The firm also predicts that the CBD market will grow with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24.4% between 2017 and 2025.

Several theories have emerged about the reason behind the preference of CBD-dominant products among women. One of those is that THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis, does not sit well with many women – so women generally prefer to enjoy the health benefits of cannabis without getting caught up in the high. Therefore most of their use is associated with health reasons; unlike men, who mostly use the drug for fun and recreational purposes. A recent survey shows that 32% of women in their menopause stage have turned to cannabis as a better alternative to estrogen therapy and other mainstream treatments for the management of menopause symptoms.

Besides these reasons, CBD products are also preferred among women probably because they’re associated with less health risks when compared to THC products, and CBD counteracts much of the psychoactive impacts of THC.

Do people’s spending patterns on cannabis change when the drug is legalised?

So far, the trend in legal states supports the assertion that legalisation can significantly impact spending on cannabis. With legalisation, not only does spending increase, but spending on self-medication tends to significantly outstrip spending on prescribed use.

While the gap between cannabis use in men and women has been closing in recent times, there are still some differences. Legalisation and the reduction of the stigma surrounding cannabis use correlates with an increase in use among women. Women are also less likely to opt for products that give an intense high, generally preferring CBD products over cannabis products with high levels of THC. While personal experience might differ, general trends show that women and men tend to have different preferences. However, with time and public acceptance, that gap continues to close.

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