Best Men’s Cannabis Products

What do men want from their Cannabis products?

Globally, the prevalence of cannabis use is greater in men than in women. Research shows that three out of four cannabis smokers are male. Back home in New Zealand, the 2013 New Zealand Heath Survey showed that 8 percent of women use cannabis, while the percentage of cannabis users among men stands at 15 percent.

New Zealand males use more cannabis than females across all age groups. src

However, studies also show that women are more vulnerable to cannabis addiction than men, and so they tend to be more selective and cautious in deciding whether to use cannabis. One plausible theory explaining this trend is based on the factual difference in the area where cannabis-stimulated dopamine is generated in the brain.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter which conveys signals that induce feelings of happiness and euphoria. In men, cannabis triggers the release of dopamine in the ventral striatum – a reward-related compartment of the brain – whereas in women, the release of dopamine takes place in the dorsal straitum – a compartment of the brain concerned with negative moods. As a result, THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive component that stimulates dopamine production to induce a high, does not sit well with most women.

On the other hand, men suited to recreational cannabis use are naturally predisposed to cannabis products with substantial amounts of THC. Men prefer high proportions of THC in their cannabis products mostly because of the psychoactive effects of the compound.

How is that different to what women want from their Cannabis products?

In several aspects, the use of cannabis among women is roughly similar to use among men. However, the major difference is in the choice between the two main compounds, THC and CBD, as well as the choice of delivery systems.

While men prefer products with greater THC contents, women are more inclined towards products with higher doses of CBD – the non-psychoactive component associated with a slew of medicinal effects. Women tend to be more inclined towards enjoying the medicinal effects of marijuana, although the recreational use is still roughly equal among both men and women.

Women also prefer non-smoking marijuana products and consumption methods. They have a slightly higher tendency to go for edibles and topicals instead of smokables when compared to men. Indeed, women are less inclined to smoking in general, as cigarette smoking is much less prevalent among women than among men.

For example, cannabis-infused drinks are much more wildly popular among women than men – 5 times more popular to be more precise. Women also tend to be more selective when it comes to choosing edibles. They consider a wide variety of factors, including taste, strain, peculiar effects, etc.

Also, when it comes to what women want in their cannabis products, loyalty is a priority. Unlike men, women are less likely to experiment with different brands; nearly two-thirds of women reported patronizing their favorite brands 75 percent of the time, whereas the same proportion for men stick to their favorite brands only 57 percent of the time.

What are the best Cannabis products for men worldwide? How many are sold?

Smokables, vaping products, and concentrates such as hash and oils have significantly higher rates of use among men worldwide. These products are mostly sold in the recreational market, which accounted for 67 percent of the $57 billion aggregate sales revenue of all legal markets in the world in 2017.

The best cannabis products for men are those that induce strong psychoactive effects. They mostly come in the form of smokables, but are also readily available in edibles, capsules, oils, tinctures, and many other forms.

These kinds of cannabis products are the most popular among men. This isn’t only because of the exciting effect it has on the reward system in the male brain, but because they can also be used to manage symptoms of health ails such as pains, lack of appetite, nausea, etc.

Do people’s spending patterns on Cannabis change when the drug is legalised?

Overall, legalization tends to increase the general rate of use, depending on the degree of legalization. For instance, in places where only medical use has been legalized, growth in the rate of use has increased steadily, albeit not as quickly as the increases recorded in states that has legalized recreational use.

In fact, full legalization can lead not only to an increase in overall spending, but also an increase in recreational spending that might come at the expense of spending on medical products. For instance, while overall spending on cannabis in Colorado grew from $699 million in 2015 to $1.49 billion in 2017 after it legalized recreational use, medical sales actually declined from $430 million to $420 million in 2017, with much of the demand for medical products redirected to recreational purchases.

Final words

Cannabis use is popular across both genders, albeit for different reasons. While men typically go for the “high”, women typically go for the medicinal and rejuvenating effects of the drug. This makes men lean towards THC-heavy cannabis products, while women lean towards CBD products.

The consumption rates are also different, with men being the dominant sex in the marijuana consumption scenario. This makes males a huge target for the industry as far as THC-heavy products are concerned.

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