Buy Marijuana Seeds in New Zealand

The anatomy of cannabis

The cannabis plant is a wild growing, dioecious plant – male and female species on separate plants – in which marijuana and its by-products are obtained from. The cannabis plant is made up of four main parts, each useful for a specific type of cannabis-based product. These parts are:

  • Cola 
    This is where the bud grows out of. Buds are often dried and smoked.
  • Calyx 
    The calyx is the base from which flowers grow out of.
  • Pistil
    The pistils are tiny hairs that grow out of the calyx responsible for pollination and seed formation.
  • Trichrome 
    The trichomes are the hairs on the cannabis plant. They are often crystal-like at growth stage but take on a darker, amber appearance at maturation.

Cannabis seeds are created in the pistil of the plant. The pistils begin to grow out of the calyx at pollination. At first, they are white and straight. But as maturation occurs, they begin to bend, first turning yellow, then orange, and finally brown.

Cannabis seeds are predominantly obtained from the male specie of the plant. However, cannabis cultivators have found a way to cull seeds from the female plant as well. This process is called feminization.

Cannabis seeds can be used and consumed in many varying ways. They’re mostly used for growing new cannabis plants, but that’s not all they do. When eaten, cannabis seeds are an excellent source of omega 3’s potassium, calcium, vitamin E, sulphur and zinc, to mention a few. 

The Anatomy of a Cannabis Plant. src

Marijuana Laws in New Zealand

Marijuana, in all recreational forms is currently illegal in New Zealand. The Misuse of Drugs Acts of 1975 names cannabis preparations (Cannabis oil, resin et al.) as a Class B drug, while the cannabis fruit, plant and seed are Class C drugs.

Possession of Cannabis can result in a $500 fine and a prospective jail term of up to three months. An individual caught in possession of 28 grams or 100 joints would be considered a dealer per current Marijuana laws in New Zealand. Unless they can prove that they are not dealing cannabis, this will result in a maximum prison sentence of up to eight years. 

Despite the stringent laws in effect concerning cannabis, it is estimated that a whopping 13.4% out of the approximately 4 million residents of New Zealand aged 16-64 smoke marijuana. This places New Zealand at number 9 out of the 10 top marijuana consuming countries in the world. 

In December 2018, the Aotearoa New Zealand passed a legislation which would make medical marijuana available to New Zealanders with chronic ailments in need of an ease to their pain. This new law creates a scheme that will allow the legal and local growing of medical marijuana. Though this legislation has been passed, medical marijuana users would have to wait a year for the new set of mechanisms such as licensing rules, regulations, and quality standards to be put in place.

Obtaining the Seeds

The law put in place by the government of New Zealand has done nothing to quell the appetites of its citizens. In 2018 alone, it was estimated that about 19,000 seeds of cannabis were stopped from entering the country through the mailing system. The year before – 2017 – recorded a massive sum of 43,000 seeds being intercepted by customs from entering the country.

Feminized cannabis seeds. src

Due to the illegal status of recreational cannabis in New Zealand, marijuana seeds are mainly obtained from commercial marijuana websites in countries where it is legal, the most common being The Netherlands.

Besides the legality of marijuana, many more Kiwis who order seeds online have been duped by companies abroad who claim to have outlets in New Zealand. 

When buying seeds online, there are a couple of factors one should always keep in mind. These include:

  • Seed cost
  • Postage cost
  • Border Issues
  • Value for Purchase
  • Authenticity of Dealer (very important)

Is there a way forward?

Alongside the legalisation of medical marijuana in New Zealand, a referendum allowing citizens to vote on the legalisation of recreational cannabis has been set for next year, 2020.

The legalisation of marijuana for recreational use still faces hefty opposition from the National Party, which labels such a move as lazy and dangerous. Although the party supports medical marijuana, it strongly opposes marijuana for recreational use.

Final words

In the meantime, as New Zealand awaits the 2020 referendum, it’s actually possible to purchase cannabis seeds online, but chances are that you will never receive them. If they don’t get intercepted by customs, they’ll probably never even get mailed to you because they might have been sold by scammers. It’s therefore smart to be patient in this case, and exercise your right to vote next year if you really want to see a day when you can freely purchase marijuana seeds and grow your own plants.

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Neil believes Cannabis has medical benefits and should be prescribed by a Doctor. This site aims to provide accurate information on the science and legality of Cannabis so you can make informed decisions.

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