Buy Pre-rolled Marijuana Cigarettes

What is a pre-rolled marijuana cigarette? How are they made?

Convenient. Discreet. Cost-effective. These are some of the many advantages that pre-rolled joints hold over other cannabis delivery systems. Prior to legalisation and decriminalisation in in a number of countries, the onus of rolling joints fell mostly on the consumers.

With the current global cannabis legalisation trend, marijuana companies have come up with ingenious ways to remain competitive. One of such innovations (which has caught on quite rapidly) is ready-made joints. Pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes save consumers time, money, and are very easy to store and carry.

Pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes are joints that typically contain 0.5 to 1 gram of marijuana rolled up in an unbleached paper in-house at a dispensary. Pre-rolled joints are usually filled with “shakes” or leftovers from marijuana nugs that are removed from jars and other places around dispensaries. This helps eliminate inventory wastage at dispensaries, making the cannabis business even more profitable than anticipated.

This joint-rolling machine dubbed the “weed dream machine” rolls out 100 joints in just under 3 minutes. src

How much does one cost? Can you get them in packs?

Pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes are usually available at cannabis dispensaries in individual sticks and packs. As for their prices, it’s usually up to the dispensary. But the quality of a pre-roll also determines its cost; high-end pre-rolls usually contain premium-grade cannabis strains, while the el-cheapo ones usually contain lower-grade strains.

These factors create variations in prices, anywhere from $5 (perhaps even less) for the cheap strains to as high as $25 per joint for some very high quality marijuana. Again, this makes for an extremely profitable take for the marijuana business, given that their contents are mostly shakes and leftovers that, without the pre-rolled idea, would end up being disposed.

Who uses ‘pre-rolled’ cannabis cigarettes? Why?

Pre-rolled joints offer customers a cheap, convenient, and discreet method for consuming cannabis. Bongs require some substantial financial investments and edibles aren’t time-effective since they take longer to prepare and to take effect in the body. However, you can buy a pre-rolled joint for just a few of bucks, and then just light it up for an instant hit.

Aside from the listed benefits, pre-rolled cannabis cigarettes are usually marketed as the best alternatives for customers who lack the right materials and skills to roll up a joint on their own at any point in time. Pre-rolled joints are also a great alternative for beginners and experimenters who want to try out strains of the drug.

Cannabis patients who prefer to medicate using joints can also use pre-rolled joints to test out various strains to determine which ones are best-suited for their symptom management. In addition, such pre-rolled joints provide a great way for users to determine the appropriate dosage needed, and to be sure of that dosage on their next purchase.

What are the pros and cons of pre-rolled joints?

Here’s a brief outline summarizing some of the pros and cons of pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes.


  • The convenience and ease of use offered by pre-rolled joints are nearly unparalleled when compared to other cannabis consumption devices. Simply light it up and consume as you would a tobacco cigarette.
  • Since they’re mostly used by dispensaries to curb wastage, pre-rolled joints are usually sold at a cheaper cost-per-gram to customers. Customers are usually given great deals on pre-roll purchases.
  • Pre-rolled joints are the most cost-effective means to try out various strains of cannabis; you can try out a myriad of strains wrapped in different pre-rolled sticks for just a few bucks.


  • Many consumers have been rubbed the wrong way by pre-rolled joints containing low-quality cannabis. The quality of pre-rolled joints varies immensely. On the low-end of the spectrum, there are pre-rolls that are filled with sub-par cannabis, stems, trims, seeds, etc. The unbleached paper used to wrap pre-rolls conceal their contents and make it hard for buyers to discern the makeup of the sticks. However, one way around this drawback is to ask the budtenders directly about the quality of a pre-roll. You’ll most likely get a honest response. If you can’t come to trust the dispensary, you can sacrifice one joint from a pack and cut it open to see what’s in the rest of the pack. If the content doesn’t look like a ground up nug, that’s a red flag.
It’s advisable to slice open one stick from a pack to ascertain the contents in the rest of the pack. src
  • Many consumers have also bought pre-roll joints that were not rolled properly and that ended up hitting and burning poorly. On many occasions, consumers themselves have had to open up pre-rolled joints and then re-roll them all over again to make them burn more evenly.
  • Because these joints are smoked, they can be harmful given their release of carcinogens and other toxic effects caused by inhaling smoke.

If the upcoming 2020 referendum on recreational cannabis use successfully pans out in favor of adult-use legalization, then pre-rolled cannabis strains will become legal as well. Since joints are the most popular delivery method, you can expect cannabis businesses to make this a major part of their marketing strategy. This will also be lucrative for such businesses given its ability to reduce or eliminate wastage.

The upcoming referendum will determine what happens with any recreational cannabis consumption method, and this one is no different. If you’d like to experience this convenient method legally, waiting for the referendum (and voting) might be a great idea.

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