Buying a Weed/Cannabis ‘Grinder’ in New Zealand

The cannabis experience is changing

Consuming cannabis today goes beyond rolling a joint and lighting it up. The rise in the consumption of cannabis over the last decade has led to an innovative spirit in the cannabis industry. This has meant the creation of a myriad of accessories which have improved marijuana experience.

One of such accessories is the weed/cannabis grinder.

What is a Weed/Cannabis ‘Grinder’?

A weed/cannabis grinder is a small cylindrical object that breaks large portions of cannabis into smaller bits. Grinders contain teeth-like spikes on the interior and these spikes aid in downsizing bigger chunks of marijuana.

Grinders are very simple accessories; they don’t require any hard-learned skills to operate.

Types of Grinders

Weed/Cannabis grinders can be differentiated by the amount of chambers in them. While all grinders share similarities in parts, some grinders are more complex, offering a wider scope of abilities. The three types of grinders are:

  1. The 2-Part Grinder (Single Chamber) 
    The 2-Part Grinder is a simple, single chamber grinder. This grinder contains two parts, namely the lid and the bowl. Marijuana is placed in the bowl and when the lid is placed on top, the single chamber is formed. This grinder is simple and straightforward.
  2. The 3-Part Grinder (2 Chambers) 
    The 3-Part Grinder takes the 2-Part Grinder a step further. Comprising of a lid and bowl, the 3-Part grinder goes the extra mile by containing a collection chamber in which marijuana from the bowl is filtered to. Unlike in the 2-Part grinder, the bowl in this grinder contains holes so that when marijuana is cut up into small enough pieces, it passes through these holes to the collection chamber. Marijuana is then retrieved from the collection chamber and used.
  3. The 4-Part Grinder (Three Chambers) 
    The 4-Part Grinder is the most complex grinder of the three. It contains the same parts as the 2 and 3-part grinders as well as a ‘bonus’ chamber for collecting marijuana kief or keef. Marijuana kief/keef are minute crystal-like hair strands which cover the buds of cannabis plants. Kief is sifted via a mesh over the second chamber – where marijuana collects – into a third chamber. Many cannabis consumers infuse kief into blunts or pipes, given its highly concentrated amounts of THC.
Marijuana Kief/Keef. Source

Benefits of a Weed/Cannabis Grinder

There are many benefits to downsizing larger chunks of marijuana with a weed grinder:

  • Even Consistency 
    Grinders offer a much better consistency to marijuana when compared to downsizing buds with scissors or your hands. With an even consistency, marijuana is smoother to hit and the overall experience of smoking is more enjoyable.
  • Maintaining Potency 
    Using a grinder can help retain the potency of marijuana for consumers. When cut into smaller pieces with fingers or scissors, marijuana may lose potency as trichomes can be absorbed by the skin. When trichomes are absorbed by the skin, the psychoactive effects of marijuana when consumed are notably dimmed.
  • Pleasant Taste and Smell 
    When grinders are used to downsize marijuana, the plant retains its pleasant smell and taste.
  • Secure the Kief 
    Marijuana Kief is a favourite amongst cannabis consumers due to its high psychoactive abilities. Weed grinders allow the collection of kief and this allows consumers experience stronger and more pleasant ‘highs’.

Picking the Perfect Grinder

Weed/Cannabis grinders come in an assortment of materials and functions. While all grinders essentially carry out the same function – downsizing marijuana – a number of factors should be considered when trying to pick a grinder.

  • Size 
    Grinders come in different sizes. Depending on the user’s preferences, grinders can be purchased in a number of different sizes. Smaller grinders might be a better option for those on the go, as well as those looking for something discrete.
  • Material 
    Available in a wide range of materials, grinders can be manufactured from plastic, metal, silicone, and even wood. Picking the preferred material can largely be linked to aesthetics as well as personal habits. Cannabis consumers on the clumsier end are advised to pick materials which are more durable, such as silicone or metal.
  • Wants and Needs 
    A cannabis consumer looking to simply downsize larger chunks can go for a simple 2-part grinder. However, consumers looking to reap the maximum benefits of the plant can opt for more complex grinders, such as 4-part grinders which allow kief collection.

Where can I buy a Grinder in New Zealand?

The consumption of cannabis for recreational purposes is illegal in New Zealand. In 2018, the New Zealand government legalised medical marijuana, but left the issue of recreational cannabis use for the citizens to vote on next year, in a referendum.

The opposition of the law has done very little to quell the use of cannabis, however. New Zealanders continue to find very creative ways to consume the drug. That being said, the demand for grinders are high, and so there must be a supply.

Weed/Cannabis grinders can be purchased online, as well as in stores. In New Zealand, weed/cannabis grinders are marketed as herb or tobacco grinders, which make them legal paraphernalia. This clever concealment aids cannabis consumers in the country purchase the accessory without the hassle of the law.

Final words

Grinders are an essential accessory for cannabis smokers. In fact, today, they are almost a necessity for a much more pleasant cannabis experience. They are easy to use, requiring hardly any skill. With the popularity of cannabis trending globally, these accessories are just one of the many innovative new ways to improve the cannabis experience. Despite recreational cannabis’ illegality in New Zealand, these accessories aren’t illegal. They are marketed as tobacco and herb grinders, making their purchase fairly easy online or at traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

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Neil believes Cannabis has medical benefits and should be prescribed by a Doctor. This site aims to provide accurate information on the science and legality of Cannabis so you can make informed decisions.

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