Cannabis Ash Trays

Today, cannabis can be used in a number of ways

The oldest and most popular way to consume cannabis is inhalation – smoking or vaping. Today, however, innovation is taking over. Cannabis can now be consumed in a number of ways – edibles, oils, tinctures, creams, and even drinks.

These various consumption methods give the user some much-needed variety, making the experience even more interesting. But even with the recent spate of modern, innovative consumption methods, many today still prefer the tried-and-true way – inhalation, particularly smoking.

Cannabis is inhaled through vaping or smoking. Vaping involves the use of vapourisers (which can really be a type of e-cigarette) to heat cannabis till vapours are produced. Smoking cannabis involves the use of apparatus such as pipes and bongs. When placed in these, the cannabis is burned, releasing smoke which is then inhaled.

Cannabis can generally smoke via joints or blunts, which can be described as marijuana cigarettes. Joints and blunts are small dried portions of cannabis rolled in wrapping paper. The only difference between joints and blunts is that blunts are wrapped in papers made of tobacco. Both require the burnt tip of the rolled paper to be discarded, which calls for the need of an ash tray.  

Why ash trays are a necessity?

Ash trays are an often overlooked accessory to cannabis consumption. However, they can easily be referred to as a necessity. In short, every smoker needs an ash tray.

These accessories are shallow, often cylindrical receptacles used to collect the ashes of smoked materials. Typically, ash trays are made of materials which are fire resistant, such as:

  • Glass;
  • Ceramic;
  • Stone;
  • Metal; and
  • Heat resistant plastics and silicone.
The D’ash Bowl Ash Tray, made with sillicone. src

For cannabis consumers who favour blunts or joints as their method of consumption, ash trays pose the following benefits:

  • Collecting Ashes 
    An ash tray’s primary objective is to collect the ashes of joints or blunts.
  • Keeping Your Surroundings Clean 
    Ash trays help keep the environment clean. The euphoria of smoking doesn’t have to be marred by the worry of dirtying ones’ surroundings. As opposed to littering the ashes of your joints and blunts everywhere, ash trays help cannabis consumers keep their environments ash-free.
  • Safety Measures 
    Besides its benefits to the environment, ash trays help keep cannabis consumers safe. Ash trays can be used to preserve and dispose half-lit blunts and joints. If disposed improperly, half-lit blunts and joints are potential fire hazards. The last thing any cannabis consumer wants to light up is half their house!
  • Decorative Purposes 
    Ash trays serve as an excellent form of expression in the cannabis community. It’s very common for individuals to take ash trays beyond their primary purpose and incorporate them into the décor of their personal spaces.
Some ash trays are works of art, with a significant amount of attention being paid to their designs. This makes them decorative pieces in some cases. src

How Much Do Ash Trays Cost?

Ash trays are a necessary and inexpensive accessory. Cannabis consumers can purchase a quality ash tray anywhere between $10-$15 USD (United States Dollars). While ash trays are generally inexpensive, the prices may vary depending on a number of factors:

  • Material
    Ash trays made of more common materials such as metal, glass, and ceramic are notably less expensive than those made of more exotic materials. Metal and Ceramic ash trays are generally the cheapest to purchase. Some of these ash trays can be bought for less than $10 USD. Glass ash trays can be purchased anywhere between $15-25 USD. In extreme cases, ash trays have been made of more expensive materials like gold, marble, and kaolin, and their high prices reflect the exclusive materials used.
  • Size 
    Ash trays come in various sizes and depths, and this also affects the price. The bigger the ash tray, the bigger the price tags. However, smaller ash trays made of generally expensive materials may be more expensive than larger ash trays made of inexpensive ones.
  • Craft 
    Ash trays go beyond receptacles for exhausted joints or blunts. Ash trays are mediums of expression amongst cannabis consumers. For the artistic cannabis consumer, spending a fortune on the most intricately handcrafted ash trays on the market could be the most satisfying experience. Generally, the more artistic the ash tray, the bigger the buck to purchase.

3 of the best types of ash trays

Considering the factors above, here are our top three types of ash trays

  1. Spinning ash trays: 
    These types of ashtrays are usually made of metal, and usually come with a lid to keep ash and waste out of sight. Some of them also feature a button that disposes the ash easily.
  2. Spinning ash trays: 
    These types of ashtrays are usually made of metal, and usually come with a lid to keep ash and waste out of sight. Some of them also feature a button that disposes the ash easily.
  3. Ceramic ash trays: 
    These ash trays feature much of the same appeal as glass ash trays. They are usually visually appealing with a variety of artistic patterns, and ash can hardly leave any permanent stains.

Final words

Ashtrays can be referred to as a necessity for smokers. They are sanitary, preventing bits of ash and debris from your marijuana cigarette from creating an eyesore. With cannabis becoming increasingly popular, it’s important for users to keep some important accessories at hand. The ash tray is perhaps the most important if your preferred method of consumption is smoking.

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