Compact Scales

What are compact scales?

The need to accurately measure the amount of cannabis – by either a consumer or a cannabis business owner – can be viewed as a necessity. In order for consumers and business owners alike to go about this process, scales – often compact – are used to check the actual weight of cannabis.

Compact scales are small and concise pieces of equipment used for weighing equally small objects. They are portable, and some offer users high precision in determining the weight of objects. Compact scales can be used personally or commercially, and are manufactured from a wide range of materials including plastic and stainless steel.

Although small and portable, some scales can determine weights of up to 5 kilograms (KG).

Uses of compact scales

As stated, compact scales are a vital piece of equipment for cannabis business owners and connoisseurs alike. They have one primary function: Accurately determine the weight of the object in question.

Beyond cannabis, compact scales can be used to weigh jewellery, gold, spices, and more. 

Types of scales

Scales can be divided into two main categories: Digital scales and analog scales.

  • Analog Compact Scales
    Analog compact scales are simple and mechanical scales that don’t use batteries. These scales contain easy to read dials connected to spring mechanisms which determine the weight of the substance placed on them. They contain simple and straightforward displays – large numbers and a spinning pointer which indicate the weight of the substance. Analog compact scales are also very simple to use. They often require no additional calibrations and do not need to be switched on or off in order to be used.
Mechanical or analog compact scales. src

On the downside, analog compact scales are less accurate than their digital counterparts. They are unable to give precision readings (down to eighths and half-eighths). Analog scales are also known to be a bit heavier and bulkier than their digital counterparts. Of all issues pertaining to these types of scales, the problem of long-term accuracy has to be the most pressing. Due to wear down of springs, the accuracy of weigh-ins in the long term can be tampered with. This can result in higher levels of inaccuracy with each passing weigh.

  • Digital compact scales
    Digital compact scales are battery powered modern scales which do not make use of the spring mechanism akin to analog compact scales. They use pre-calibrated digital circuits to determine the weight of the substance in question. This circuit is connected to a small display which then shows the weight in numerical figures.
A digital compact scale shows the exact weight of the object. Source

Digital compact scales are accurate and precise with their weight readings. Some of these scales can give readings accurate up to eighths and half-eighths when substances are measured. They are also very easy to use — some can power themselves on when an object is detected, and once the weight is taken and the substance removed from its surface, turn them back off. Digital scales are light weight and this makes them easy and convenient to carry around. 

On the flip side, the batteries on digital compact scales might present an issue. When batteries run out and there is no means to replace them remotely, this could serve as an inconvenience. Also, digital scales are pricier than analog scales, and their need for batteries creates an additional cost.

The accuracy of compact scales

Compact scales – both analog and digital – give accurate readings of substances. Although as stated, where precision is concerned, digital scales offer better readings than their analog counterparts. This is due to the fact that certain digital scales are calibrated to determine weights down to the eighths and half-eighths.

How much do scales cost?

The price of compact scales can be determined by factors such as:

  • Type – analog or digital.
  • Material – stainless steel, plastic, etc.
  • Weight capabilities and precision.

Typically, digital scales are more expensive than their analog counterparts. A compact scale can cost anything between $20-35 for a basic analog scale, and $55-70 for a high-tech precision digital scale. 

Final words

Both cannabis business owners and consumers can benefit from owning a compact scale. The ability to accurately determine how much cannabis is being purchased or sold, or consumed helps determine value for commodities. For the business owner, this means realising accurate profits; for the consumer, this means being confident that you’re getting what you paid for, and consuming the exact amount that was prescribed or that you desire.

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