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Cannabis Culture and 420

Cannabis culture is an evolving set of beliefs, norms and practices that cannabis consumers and enthusiasts subscribe to.  Maximum Yield says, “Cannabis culture is a term used to describe a shared set of beliefs, ideals, and practices among marijuana enthusiasts”.

Cannabis culture, unlike other cultures, does not have practices set in stone, but instead changes depending on the surrounding communities. Cannabis culture encompasses methods of consumption, trends in use and of course, related holidays such as 420.

What is 420 and is it Practiced in Hamilton

Celebrated on the 20th of April annually, 420 is a holiday for cannabis consumers and enthusiasts across the world. On this day, connoisseurs of cannabis culture honour and celebrate the substance by hosting a wide variety of celebrations. The 420 celebrations range anywhere from peaceful protests and get-togethers, to picnics and rallies. Whatever way it is celebrated, 420 is one day on every cannabis consumer’s calendar where they light up in solidarity and in honour of cannabis.

Unlike Australian cities Perth and Sydney, Hamilton has not experienced any notable 420 events to date. It is highly likely that if the referendum for the legalisation of cannabis returns a positive result that Hamilton will join in the fun of 420 celebrations.

However, the absence of any notable 420 celebrations is no indicator of the absence of a cannabis community within the city. It is very likely that its cannabis consumers celebrate the holiday on their own.

How much does marijuana cost in Hamilton?

In Hamilton, the price of marijuana is determined by two primary factors. These factors are the quality and quantity of the product. It is no surprise that lower quality marijuana is cheaper than high-quality products. As provided by Priceofweed.com, there are three levels to ranking the quality of marijuana in Hamilton – low, medium and high quality products.

A visual aid for determining the quantity of cannabis against common fruits. src

Cannabis is more expensive when purchased in larger amounts, which are determined by their weight. There are numerous size variations including

  • 1 gram
  • 2 grams
  • An eighth ounce
  • A quarter ounce
  • Half an ounce
  • An ounce
  • A quarter pound
  • Half a pound
  • A pound

As provided by Priceofweed.com, the average cost of an ounce of high quality cannabis is $317.11. The average cost of an ounce of medium quality cannabis was around $278.78. The average cost of an ounce of low quality cannabis was not recorded.

Are Some Ways to Consume Cannabis Safer Than Others?

Given the constant evolution of cannabis and development of new products, there are numerous ways that the substance can be consumed aside from the traditional method of inhalation.  There are four major ways in which cannabis can be consumed, and all methods of cannabis consumption fall into one of these four headings. They are:

  • Inhalation
  • Oral
  • Sublingual
  • Topical

Although inhalation — smoking and vaping — is the most popular method of cannabis consumption, it is also the most dangerous. 

In order to inhale the vapours of cannabis, heat is applied to the product. When heat — particularly fire — is applied, it releases harmful chemicals into the smoke which is inhaled by the cannabis consumer. There is no firm evidence yet on whether these chemicals are carcinogenic, however, it is better to be safe than sorry.

That being said, the healthiest methods of cannabis consumption are oral and sublingual consumption.

When cannabis is used as oil or infused directly into food, it cannot undergo those chemical reactions which make it harmful to the human body. This makes these alternative methods healthier than inhalation.

Hamilton Cannabis Community

Hopefully, the cannabis community in Hamilton is scheduled for expansion. As the days go by, New Zealand approaches a crossroads which will determine the status of cannabis in the country going forward.

In 2020, residents of the nation will be presented with the chance to vote in a referendum on whether cannabis should be legalised for recreational use, and its results will influence the new cannabis laws which will govern the nation.

As announced by chief minister Andrew Little, the referendum will be a simple questionnaire with options ‘yes’ and ’no’. Voters will be required to choose between these options for every question presented in the questionnaire. Once the results are announced, it will make it easier to predict the future of cannabis culture, especially in cities like Hamilton.

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