Mail Order/Postal Weed in New Zealand

Mailing marijuana

Mails/postal services are an integral part of today’s society. Today, their use goes beyond the need to communicate; it’s now dominated by package deliveries. With increasing amounts of traction on e-commerce websites, it’s no surprise that the cannabis industry has gone digital.

Cannabis – like many other products – can now be purchased online via online dispensaries. The process involved isn’t different from normal e-commerce websites: selection and payment for a product which is then delivered to a choice location, either local or international.

Buying Cannabis Online

In a country like New Zealand where cannabis and its preparations are illegal, scheduled as Class C and B drugs, there are only so many ways Kiwi cannabis consumers can obtain the product.

Despite the government’s attempts to cull the use of marijuana by its citizens, however, it is estimated that about 13.4 percent of the approximately 4 million residents of New Zealand between the ages of 16-64 use marijuana regularly.

Due to these circumstances, it isn’t rare for cannabis consumers in New Zealand to try and order their products from countries where cannabis is legal. These countries include the Netherlands, Canada and U.S.A (United States of America) – where cannabis for recreational use is legal in 10 states and the District of Columbia. In New Zealand, the most popular of these countries to order cannabis from is the Netherlands.

In countries and states where the drug is legal, however, ordering online is a great option. However, it’s not very popular with governments. So far though, Canada is leading the way with a bold step towards the cannabis e-commerce business by going all out with the mail order model. Some states in the U.S.A. have are also exploring this sector, but the federal regulation of mail systems across state lines may presents a problem for deliveries outside the originating state.

A marijuana parcel. src

The Good

Some of the advantages of ordering cannabis online include:

  • Convenience
    You can shop anywhere you are! Whether it’s the comfort of your home or when you’re out and about town, online stores make marijuana accessible any and everywhere.
  • Confidentiality 
    Purchasing weed online is a strictly confidential process. For cannabis users who are still wary of association to the products – due to its stigma in society or otherwise – online dispensaries are the perfect avenue to obtain their guilty pleasures.
  • Wider Variety to Choose from 
    Online stores have a larger customer base to attend to and this would naturally mean a wider range of appetites to satisfy. In order to keep their customers satisfied, these dispensaries showcase a wide variety of products to choose from, meaning cannabis consumers are not limited to locally sourced strains.
  • Better Deals and Offers 
    Due to the generally larger customer base serviced by online dispensaries, products are acquired in bulk at cheaper prices. As a result, most online dispensaries can offer much better deals to consumers.

The Bad

Online dispensaries offer a wide array of perks. It is important to note, however, that some factors can turn your online cannabis experience into a nightmare:

  • Counterfeit Websites 
    With the growth and success of online dispensaries, it is typical that fraudulent sites would spring up as well. This is most common and likely in countries where the drug is illegal. Cannabis consumers have to keep an eye out for shoddy websites with no established delivery systems.
  • Authenticity of Product 
    There is no sure-fire way to authenticate products before the payment and delivery process. For example, with products such as cannabis seeds where they all look the same, it is almost impossible to know if one has been duped or not.
  • Product Inspection 
    Many cannabis consumers prefer to see and smell products before purchase. This option is not possible with online purchases.

The Ugly

Due to the legal status of Cannabis in New Zealand, marijuana consumers have to exercise caution when acquiring cannabis online. Amongst other things, Cannabis consumers would have to be weary of Customs and Border patrol. If caught in the possession of cannabis, an individual can face a $500 fine and a prospective jail term of up to three months. If caught in possession of 28 grams or 100 joints of cannabis, you would be considered a dealer per current laws in New Zealand. And unless you can prove that you are not dealing cannabis, this will result in a maximum prison sentence of up to eight years. 

Even when parcels cannot be linked to a consumer directly, there’s the high possibility that they could be seized at the border making the purchase a waste of money.

look outside New Zealand

The U.S.A, Canada and The Netherlands are some of the few countries where cannabis consumption has been legalised for recreational use. While cannabis is legal at all levels of government in The Uruguay and Canada, it is only legal in some states in the U.S.A.

The legalisation of cannabis opened the doors to a lucrative and booming business in both Canada and the US. In 2018 alone, it was reported that Canadians spent $1.6 Billion on legal weed – a double of the amount spent solely on medical marijuana the year before. In just the first day of legal cannabis sales, the Canadian government raked in massive figures in store and online. 

These figures make online dispensaries an increasingly popular sector to consider in these countries. Online dispensaries show themselves as invaluable assets in the legalisation and commercialisation of cannabis. In this digital world, entering this sector can be described as a no-brainer for cannabis businesses.

Final words — Is buying online pocket friendly?

Buying marijuana online is generally pocket friendly. As earlier mentioned, online dispensaries often acquire products in bulk and at cheaper prices. This allows dispensaries to offer better deals and packages to consumers.

On the flipside, since dispensaries are not localised, New Zealanders may face heftier charges in the name of international posting. It is also key to note that at any point in time, ordering marijuana online is a monetary risk for consumers in New Zealand. Packages can be seized by border control officers and in the event they are found on an individual, a hefty fine of $500 awaits them. Another likely possibility is that you’ll lose your money and never get your product, because a lot of websites offering mail order cannabis to New Zealanders are scams.

Despite the risk factors involved, many New Zealanders still try to order cannabis from online dispensaries. That isn’t advisable, so proceed at your own risk only if you must.

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