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Is Buying Weed Online a Possibility for New Zealanders?

Online trading platforms have swiftly taken over the world, as a convenient and discrete way to browse and purchase goods. Numerous trading platforms now utilise the internet as an entrepreneurial interface, allowing consumers easy access to their products and services. Cannabis, like many other commodities, can now be purchased via online retailers known as online dispensaries.

Cannabis dispensaries are online stores which stock cannabis and cannabis products for sale to medical patients or recreational consumers. In certain cases, dispensaries cater to both patients and recreational users, whereas others choose a single market to target. Cannabis dispensaries function in jurisdictions where cannabis is legal for medical or recreational use.

According to New Zealand’s current laws buying cannabis is illegal, so there are no locally based online dispensaries. The government is looking to review the laws on cannabis in a national referendum in 2020. Till the results of the referendum are in, cannabis is regarded as a controlled substance and therefore cannot be legally accessed, sold or consumed.

Despite the illegal status of cannabis within New Zealand, an estimated 13.4 percent of the approximately 4 million residents consume marijuana regularly. These people are predominantly New Zealanders between the ages of 16 and 64. Residents struggle to obtain cannabis products from legitimate sources, often placing orders from countries where it is legal or decriminalised such as Canada and The Netherlands.

The home page of an online dispensary situated in Canada, where cannabis is fully legalised. src

What Online Facilities Do New Zealanders Want from a Digital Cannabis Dispensary?

Online cannabis dispensaries offer cannabis consumers a unique experience when purchasing cannabis and cannabis products. Although these facilities cannot offer consumers the same experience that physical stores do, digital dispensaries have a unique appeal to those who use them. Cannabis consumers can now state exactly what they want to see from these dispensaries. Typically, a digital cannabis dispensary should fill one or more of these parameters;

  • Simple User Interface 
    A simple user interface which allows users ease of access to products and easy comparison between items is often beneficial to cannabis consumers.
  • Swift and Secure Payment Options 
    Online dispensaries require consumers to make their payments using various online channels. By providing a swift and secure payment platform to consumers, trust is established with the dispensary.
  • Useful Information on the Products
    Aside from the sale of cannabis and related products, dispensaries are often sources of knowledge where cannabis consumers can learn more about the products they are interested in and compare between items. Cannabis dispensaries can gain an edge by providing an educative blog, FAQ pages and other useful information.

What are the Advantages of Buying Weed Online?

Acquiring cannabis and cannabis products from online dispensaries has many advantages. For individuals who utilise the service, a number of benefits are to be expected:

  • Convenience 
    Perhaps the biggest advantage to ordering cannabis through an online dispensary is convenience. Obtaining cannabis from online dispensaries is an easy, convenient process which often requires little to no effort. Unlike physical stores, these stores allow cannabis consumers to purchase their products without any physical exertion.  
  • Ease of Access 
    Online dispensaries offer their consumers access to a wide array of cannabis and cannabis products anywhere in the world. As long as a consumer has an active network connection, an internet capable device and an approved means of payment, safe and legal cannabis can be accessed.
  • Discretion 
    Unlike brick-and-mortar stores, online dispensaries offer their consumers high levels of discretion. Consumers do not have to be worried about being seen or stigmatised for being in such locations.
  • An Assortment of Products 
    Online dispensaries often stock a wide range of products in comparison to brick-and-mortar stores. 
  • Promotional Deals and Offers 
    Promotional deals, offers and sales are common occurrence on cannabis dispensaries which operate online. Cannabis consumers are likely to get cheaper products and better deals on products purchased online.

What are the Disadvantages of Buying Weed Online?

Although buying weed online offers a wide array of perks, some factors can mar the overall experience of purchasing cannabis with convenience. Here are some of the disadvantages of purchasing weed online:

  • Authenticity of Products 
    One of the biggest disadvantages to purchasing weed online is the lack of ability to authenticate products before payment. Unlike physical stores, consumers cannot feel, see or smell their desired products before deciding to commit to a buy. This often puts consumers at risk as some websites take advantage of the breach in authentication and ship sub-par goods. 
  • Counterfeit Websites 
    Considering the growth and success of online dispensaries, it is no surprise that fraudulent websites have sprung up. These websites often claim to ship to locations where cannabis is illegal alongside many other false promises. These websites only seek to defraud you of your hard-earned money. It is advisable to keep a strong lookout for shoddy websites with no definitive delivery plans or processes. A number of these websites can also steal your credit card details so be wary before you make payments!

Will New Zealand be Getting Online Dispensaries in the Near Future?

In December 2018, a law which would make medical marijuana available to New Zealanders was passed by New Zealand. Although medical marijuana for specific medical conditions now has the backing of the law, it may be years till the substance actually hits the market. The government is now concerned with setting up parameters such as licensing, sale and regulation. These preparations may be notably particular to physical stores as not a lot has been voiced about online dispensaries.

Following the referendum in 2020, New Zealand might witness some necessary changes. If cannabis is fully legalised within the nation, many cannabis-related commercial projects – including the launch of online dispensaries – will be expected to take over the market within a short period of time.

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