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The Cannabis Community in Wellington

New Zealand’s capital city Wellington is the second most populated city in the nation, and is home to one of New Zealand’s most vibrant cannabis communities.

In April, cannabis campaigner Dakta Green launched a ‘Daktory’ in Mt.Victoria. The Daktory is a cannabis club where members can come to purchase and use cannabis in a safe space. Despite the laws making recreational cannabis use illegal in New Zealand, the club already boasts 700 members.

The club’s owner has also taken steps to normalise cannabis use by inviting local law enforcement agents to enjoy the cannabis club. As reported in i.stuff.co.nzGreen remarked, “I expect that the police are taking a much more open view… I want to actually invite the police to come along, and have a look and see what we’re doing,”.

This is not the first cannabis club Green has opened. In 2009, he opened a club in West Auckland which earned him a prison sentence of 23 months. Although Green is one man, the popularity of his cannabis club is evidence of the strong foothold of cannabis culture in Wellington.

Dakta Green, pioneer cannabis club owner and visionary behind the ‘Daktories’. src

How Much Does Marijuana Cost In Wellington?

In Wellington (as in much of New Zealand), marijuana is sold by weight. Cannabis is measured in grams and ounces.

  • A ‘Tinny’ — the term ‘tinny’ is particular to New Zealand. A tinny is a small package of cannabis wrapped up in tinfoil. This is the smallest quantity of cannabis most dealers will allow for purchase. In weight, a tinny is roughly 1 gram of cannabis. This is normally enough cannabis for light consumers. A tinny costs approximately $20.
  • A 50 Bag — If a tinny isn’t enough, cannabis consumers can purchase a “50 bag”. As the name implies, this pack of cannabis is worth $50. It has no stringent weight but usually ranges from 3 to 4 grams. This is solely dependent on the generosity of the cannabis seller.
  • A ‘Hundy’ Bag — as the name implies, a hundy bag costs $100. This pack of cannabis contains around 7 grams of cannabis.
  • An ounce — an ounce of cannabis is roughly 28 grams and varies in price depending on where the cannabis was cultivated. Cannabis cultivated outdoors is relatively cheaper than cannabis cultivated indoors. An ounce of indoor grown cannabis will cost around $300-$350, whereas an ounce of outdoor grown cannabis will set you back $200-$300.

Purchasing cannabis in mass quantities is normally the most cost effective option.

How Can You Grow Your Cannabis Network in Wellington?

As a cannabis consumer living in a society where cannabis is not readily welcomed, it can be easy to feel alone and overwhelmed. However, this does not have to be the case. Most cities have thriving cannabis communities – although they have to stay underground.

In Wellington, individuals looking to network with like-minded cannabis consumers can participate in activities organised by NORML. The National Organisation for the Reform of Cannabis Laws — or NORML — is one of New Zealand’s most formidable organisations centered on cannabis culture and legalisation. Incorporated in 1980, the associations’ primary objective is to sway public opinion towards the legalisation of cannabis in society.

NORML hosts cannabis related events such as J-Day, an annual rally hosted to fight against prohibition and uphold Kiwi cannabis culture. At events such as these, it is easier to network with like-minded individuals because they are all located in one place.

The year 2020 is of special significance to cannabis consumers in New Zealand. The government will hold a referendum on whether cannabis should be legalised, and the results will aid in deciding the status of cannabis within the country moving forward. A positive result from the referendum will advance cannabis culture in Wellington, and make cannabis increasingly accepted and available in New Zealand.

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