Buy Cannabis in Christchurch

Cannabis is widely available in the city

If you buy recreational cannabis in Christchurch, like other cities in New Zealand, you are breaking the law. The drug is one of the most used in the country, but it is still legally unavailable to its citizens.

Estimates suggest that about 80% of Christchurch’s population, around the age of 21, will have used marijuana at least once in their lives and about 10% will develop heavily dependent use. The usage trend is not surprising, given the popularity of the drug. It is in sync with other parts of New Zealand, and in fact, other parts of the world.

With this usage trend increasing, acceptance rates also increase. Today’s world is a lot more open to full marijuana legalization, and several countries have bent to the will of this trend. The city of Christchurch proves to be one of those New Zealand cities where the trend of supporting legal cannabis use is positive. With such high usage rates, expect a solid support base from the city in the 2020 referendum that may legalize cannabis.

Here’s a breakdown of the perception of cannabis, and buying cannabis in Christchurch.

Cannabis and the law

Medical cannabis is now legal in Christchurch, but New Zealand’s bureaucratic red tape results in a lengthy process for obtaining the drug. However, if you are buying Cannabis for recreational use in Christchurch, you are breaking the law. According to New Zealand’s Police, reducing the demand for cannabis and disrupting the supply chain is a commitment of the force, targeting people who grow and supply the drug through aerial searches around the country.

A marijuana warehouse was uncovered in Christchurch. src 

In June 2018, for example, the Christchurch Police uncovered a cannabis growing operation worth several hundred thousand dollars, inside a 3-bedroom home in Avonhead. They called it the “Cannabis Warehouse”, with an estimated five years run and $200,000 dollars’ worth.

In some cases, however, the police turn a blind eye to small amounts, since the use of recreational marijuana is extremely common in the country. In fact, some politicians have admitted to using the drug in their youth.

Cannabis legalization

The future of recreational cannabis will be in the hands of the country’s citizens. In December 2018, Andrew Little, New Zealand’s Justice Minister, announced an upcoming referendum to decide whether the recreational use of cannabis should be legalized. The announcement came a week after New Zealand’s Parliament approved a law to ease restrictions on medicinal marijuana.

Christchurch citizens eagerly await the 2020 referendum, and massive support for the city’s residents for the legalization of the drug is expected. One can look to Christchurch’s presence on the marijuana scene for support of this position. It was one of the cities chosen – along with Whangarei, Auckland, Hastings, Taupo, Wellington and Dunedin – to host 2018’s J Day, a protest against prohibition and a celebration of Kiwi marijuana culture. It happens every year on the first Saturday of May.

Synthetic cannabis

Christchurch currently has a lot of problems with deaths involving the use of synthetic cannabis – a smokable plant material with a synthetic cannabinoid added to it. Synthetic cannabis stimulates the same brain area as cannabis.

10 people hospitalized after consuming synthetic cannabis. src

The Christchurch Hospital says that users of synthetic cannabis are gambling with their lives. The Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB) issued a warning about the illegal drug after a rush of people suffering from potentially severe synthetic cannabis toxicity ended up in Christchurch Hospital.

Thirty percent of those who entered the hospital admitted using the synthetic drug and at least one person was in a coma.

Buying cannabis in Christchurch

Christchurch might be an interesting place to buy cannabis seeds and cannabis-related products in the future: Dunedin’s Cannabis Museum is heavily supported and set to expand to Christchurch. The museum will also have a café, a retail outlet and some strong educational content. In November 2018, the Dunedin’s museum was allowed to sell seeds as food.

Abe Gray, cannabis activist and founder of the Whakamana Cannabis Museum in Dunedin, wants to open and replicate the museum model in Christchurch, possibly opening it in January or February of 2019.

Buying cannabis on the streets, for the average New Zealander, costs about $20 per one gram package.

Look around you and you will probably see someone smoking cannabis in Christchurch. Buying the plant is as easy as buying from such users, or buying from their supplier if they’re not willing to sell you anything.

It is also possible to buy cannabis online in Christchurch and have it delivered to you. If you perform a quick Google search, you will find websites that ship marijuana to the city. Although consuming and buying cannabis is currently illegal, there are some reports about websites overseas, claiming to be based in New Zealand, that ship seeds directly to your location without authorities discovering. In this case, the seeds come from the Netherlands, where the laws are rather different.

Medicinal cannabis was made broadly available for patients. src

Buying medicinal cannabis in Christchurch

Cannabis products bought on the streets are possibly improperly grown, infused with another drug, or not even authentic. Medical marijuana, on the other hand, stems from pure, authentic cannabis plants.

Last February, Christchurch hosted the Medicinal Cannabis Reforms Workshops: Have Your Say, to discuss the new regulations to access medicinal cannabis. ) The government approved a law – made possible after years of campaigns of chronically ill citizens claiming the drug is the only thing that eases the pain – to make it more easily available for patients. The new legislation will also allow terminally ill patients to begin smoking illegal cannabis before full implementation, without fear of prosecution. Medicinal cannabis is widely available on the Internet, but it seems that Sativex is the only pharmaceutical cannabis-based product ever presented for Medsafe approval.

Summing up — your ability to buy cannabis in Christchurch

Currently, accessing good quality cannabis is a tiring process in Christchurch and in New Zealand as whole. However, the new medicinal marijuana legislation is a great step towards full legalization in the near future. In fact, the 2020 referendum that’s set to decide this issue will only rely on the citizens will — a scenario that makes legalization even more likely.

Along with Uruguay, Canada, the Netherlands and some states in the US, New Zealand might soon become a part of the legalized cannabis group of countries in a couple of years. Further discussions should include the political and economic impacts of legalization to the country, but these previous countries should already give us an idea of the path ahead legally buying cannabis in Christchurch and New Zealand as a whole.

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