CBD Suppositories

An uncolored spotlight on CBD suppositories

The relative obscurity of CBD (Cannabidiol) suppositories has nothing to do with their effectiveness. On the contrary, CBD suppositories are one of the most effective cannabis delivery systems.

Perhaps it’s one of the least preferred methods because of its perceived low status and highly invasive nature. However, if we’re to judge them based on their capacity to induce quick, blissful relief, CBD suppositories are high-flyers.

Here’s all you need to know about CBD suppositories.

What are CBD suppositories?

CBD suppositories are bullet-shaped pellets that discharge CBD into the bloodstream when inserted through the vagina or rectum. Suppositories have been around since the dawn of civilization as a drug delivery system, thanks to its superior effectiveness when compared to other drug delivery methods, such as oral and inhaling.

CBD suppositories send the CBD contents straight into the bloodstream in a matter of seconds, inducing stronger CBD effects. Given its incredibly high rate of inducing the CBD effect, it’s a highly effective option for ingesting CBD for those who want a maximized effect of the substance.

How CBD Suppositories Work

CBD suppositories are usually a composition of CBD extracts, cocoa butter, and a small amount of shea butter or coconut oil. The pellets are quickly absorbed into the body in toto, without any leakages occurring during the insertion. With this quick absorption comes the instant release of the CBD contents into the blood system, paving the way for a quick inducement of CBD effects.

CBD suppositories induce CBD effects faster, due to their excellent bioavailability. Bioavailability is the proportion of whatever drug or substance that actually enters your body’s circulation when introduced or ingested, which in turn determines its effect. CBD suppositories have twice as much bioavailability as orally ingested CBD because the rectal membranes are ideal for facilitating transportation and distribution of substances around the body.

Oral vs rectal CBD ingestion.src

However, the “high” doesn’t kick in when the body absorbs a CBD suppository. This is due to the fact that when it’s administered rectally, the drug bypasses the usual route to the brain. Instead, it passes through the liver and straight into the bloodstream.

By bypassing the normal route to the brain, the drug takes far much longer to finally reach the brain to stimulate nerve receptors that induce euphoria. This possibility of ingesting the plant without feeling the high is increasingly endearing to the medical marijuana community.

Some Outstanding Benefits of CBD Suppositories

CBD suppositories are becoming more popular, thanks not only to the unprecedented acceptance of medical marijuana in recent times, but also some of its incredible benefits. Some of the most amazing benefits of CBD suppositories include:

  • A high absorption rate that brings fast relief to patients: 
    The healing components of the drug get assimilated quickly into the bloodstream, thanks to quick absorption rate of the cellular walls around the rectum.
  • Diminished psychoactive effects: 
    With CBD suppositories, you can consume a humongous quantity of cannabis but feel only a slight high. As such, it allows patients to take advantage of the medical benefits of cannabis without psychoactive effects.
  • Instant relief for menstrual cramps:
    The vagina is also as rich with mucosal tissues as the rectum, giving it excellent absorption capacities. As such, the use of CDB suppositories can bring instantaneous relief to menstrual pain.
  • Ingestion alternative for some cancer patients: 
    Suppositories can also serve as effective CBD ingestion alternatives for cancer patients and people grappling with nausea.
Comparing CBD absorption methods src

Final words

Still haven’t made up your mind about trying out CBD suppositories? You might just be missing out on an effective way to maximize the medicinal effects of CBD in your body. CBD suppositories are the best suited CBD delivery system for those undergoing chemotherapy, especially while grappling with severe nausea. It’s also a saving grace for those who want to enjoy all the medical benefits of cannabis without psychoactive effects. While some may have their own reservations concerning the use of CBD suppositories, the fact that there are no known health risks to it as well as the slew of benefits it brings continues to boost the popularity of this method in the medical marijuana community.

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