Boutique Cannabis: All You Need To Know

Boutique cannabis stores provide access to a surprising variety of cannabis products.

Cannabis boutiques aren’t your everyday dispensary where the drug is sold mainly for medical purposes. These boutiques present an all around cannabis experience, going beyond the simple sale of a cannabis product over a counter.

To buy cannabis from a dispensary, medical consumers are typically at least 18 years old, while recreational cannabis use is limited to people over 21. The same applies to cannabis boutiques, but as stated, the experience goes beyond purchasing a handful of buds. A number of cannabis boutiques have been opening up around the world in areas where cannabis is legal.

New Zealand is certainly a target for such boutiques, given the increasing use of cannabis in the country. More than half of New Zealanders aged between 15 and 45 have admitted to cannabis use.

Countries with the highest cannabis use

New Zealand ranks third in the world for cannabis use.

Plans for Boutique Cannabis establishments in New Zealand are already in the works

Reportedly, a boutique cannabis museum called Whakamana plans to open up soon in Christchurch. This museum may feature a hemp food eatery and emporium, a cannabis dispensary, and a plant-medicine shot bar, all making for an entirely unique, rounded cannabis experience beyond the simple purchase of marijuana. The location of the museum will be the Shand’s Emporium, and it will create a cannabis institute in two heritage-listed buildings on Manchester Street.

Michael Mayell and Abe Gray, who are the founders, plan to broaden their empire to convert it into an expanded version of the same museum located in Dunedin, with a café and a restaurant that sells hemp food. This boutique sells a wide variety of hemp productsand also has an alcohol-free plant shot bar. With the 2020 cannabis referendum around the corner, this project could begin pretty soon.

Hemp seeds would be cultivated to get milk for butter, ice cream, and cheese. The bar would also provide customers with delicious kombucha on tap, medicinal teas, and mushrooms in the diner.

The Christchurch version of Whakamana will feature displays from the original Dunedin museum. This cannabis boutique will open for a gold coin donation. This is for the restoration of the previous Trinity Congregational Church.

Rise of boutique strains

Boutique strains exist at the height of stoner opulence. Master growers cultivate various boutique strains like Lemon Skittles, Strawberry Bubblegum, and Pink Starburst, which are potent strains. These smell, feel, appear, and taste like candy-colored monikers. Moreover, these strains are not easy to obtain.

Before the legal cannabis trend kicked off around the world, these strains were passed around through small and mostly illegal networks like Phish and the Grateful Dead bands. Now, however, as the cannabis industry is moving towards legitimacy, many approved and licensed markets are emerging rapidly. Underground growers are coming to the surface and offering these strains openly.

These strains are still rarely available to people and, in many cases, people can’t access them. Fortunately, due to folks like Pete Pietrangeli, who is the owner of Melrose Avenue dispensary LA Confidential, and Justin and Mac, launching Manali West, people will soon be able to get these elusive strains.

Recreational variety of boutique cannabis establishments

Today, customers demand a variety of quality cannabis products. Cannabis boutiques like GroundSwell aim to live up to the expectations of consumers, and they strive to expose customers to the newer range of cannabis products as well. These products include edibles, strains, concentrates, etc.

GroundSwell is prepared for the ever-expanding and competitive market. Their focus is only on supplying great products that make them the top cannabis seller for recreational cannabis in the area. They source their cannabis products locally and responsibly while taking all important steps to guarantee that their products live up the standards of their customers.

Regardless of your health and dietary needs, GroundSwell’s edible cannabis products fit every interest and budget. You can get gluten-free and dairy-free options, and also all-natural flavoring and sugar-free cannabis products. You can also find products with real, natural ingredients for pain-relief and relaxation. Again, this all around cannabis variety makes for a boutique experience.

Final words

Boutique cannabis stores are all about variety — an all around experience. The idea is catching on around the globe, and New Zealand won’t be left out. With plans of Whakamana’s launch in Christchurch in the works, as well as the upcoming 2020 cannabis referendum, there’s a real chance of such boutiques becoming a staple here in New Zealand.

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