How to Determine if Weed Pipe is the Best Delivery Method for You

What is a Weed Pipe? 

A weed pipe, A.K.A a ‘spoon pipe’ is basically a cylindrical stem fitted with a bowl (which holds the dried buds) one end and a mouthpiece (for drawing out air) on another. Many of them come with ‘a carb’ – an additional hole that promotes control over airflow, but all weed pipes are certainly crafted with some opening to allow for airflow. They also mostly come in glass, which makes it easy to eke out various shapes, sizes, and colors. Glass pipes are also more popular because they don’t taint your cannabis with any odor or taste. Metal and wood are two other common materials for weed pipes, but they can also be made from silicone and even stones and ceramics.

Among all of them, aluminum is usually considered to be the worst material because it gives off toxic fumes that can be harmful to the lungs.  

Who Uses Weed Pipes and for What?

As a new user, two factors impact your cannabis use experience the most: your chosen delivery method and strain. It’s easier to determine the right delivery method than the right strain. Smoking weed quickens the rate at which you feel the drug’s effects, making smoking an expedient consumption method for users who’re trying out various strains.

In general, most adult users prefer the instant hit from smoking to the gradual build-up from other consumption methods. Glass pipes helps users draw down those effects even more quickly, allowing them to light up their dried buds in a jiffy.

Just like classic joints, weed pipes are portable, inconspicuous, and simple to use. But they’re healthier because they allow you to inhale weed smoke directly and free from any possible exposure to tars from rolling paper.  

How to Pack a Pipe

You can easily pack a weed pipe in a jiffy with the right techniques. img src

It’s easy to pack weed into a pipe, but it’s also easy to pack in a way that wastes the weed and makes for poor pulls. Here are simple steps for packing a pipe the proper way:

  1. First, assemble the items needed. You’ll have to choose the weed strain you want to light up, and then pick up the type of weed pipe you want (always remember to avoid cheapskate aluminum metal spoons). When buying weed pipes, make sure you choose one that’s sturdy and has a well-fitted spoon bowl. You also need to choose the means of igniting the buds. You can go for the classic match or butane lighter, but you also have other choices like a hemp wick. This is a waxy hemp strip that ignites easily and burns evenly without emitting any pungent chemical aftertaste. The lit hemp wick is held over the weed in the pipe’s bowl.
  2. Next, grid your buds to a fine texture. It’s much easier and more effective to do this using a weed grinder than your bare hands. The former guarantees an even texture that promotes even airflow and heat distribution, allowing you to draw down the maximum contents of the weed.
  3. Now, to the most important step of packing a weed pipe. After you’ve grounded your weed into fine shreds, pack the herb over the pipe screen. The pipe screen is a small fine mesh fitted into the bowl that prevents particulates or ‘scooby snacks’ from flying into your mouth when you pull. While loading the weed, pack it in a manner that makes it light at the bottom but thick at the top. This will help prevent the weed from clogging or blocking up airflow as the pot burns in an open-ended pipe. 

Pros and Cons of a Weed Pipe


  • They come in unique, visually appealing designs with a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, especially the glass types.
  • They’re portable, chic, inconspicuous, and easy to carry.
  • They facilitate excellent hits with a maximum drawdown of cannabinoids and terpenes.
  • They’re also healthier than other consumption methods like joints and bongs since they expose you to less potential carcinogens.


  • Compared to other methods like bongs and edibles, they can produce very harsh and strong hits.
  • Metal pipes can easily get too hot around the mouthpiece and handle.
  • Glass pipes can easily get broken.
  • It can be easy to inadvertently suck up some ash through the pipe as the bowl burns out.

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