What to Expect If You Try Cannabis for Recreational Purposes

Recreational cannabis is generally very different to medicinal cannabis. Though medical marijuana tends to influence everyone in a similar fashion, recreational use of the drug often has much more varied effects. Recreational cannabis products are available in different forms. Besides smoking, now consumers can vape, eat, drink, or even apply cannabis products to the body. Cannabis edibles and beverages are becoming increasingly popular.

Recreational marijuana products are high in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Those who have smoked long enough understand that no two highs are the same – some highs make people feel lazy and sleepy, while some make them feel energetic and uplifted. The effects of recreational cannabis also can depend on the ways you consume the drug.

Different ways to consume recreational marijuana

There are two main methods to ingest marijuana for recreational purposes: inhalation and oral methods.

When cannabis is inhaled, it enters the lungs before passing into the bloodstream. Smoking and vaporisation are two popular methods of cannabis inhalation. You can inhale cannabis using water pipes, hand pipes, rolling papers, or vape pens.

Different ways to ingest cannabis. Source

Oral cannabis delivery methods cover all techniques that involve consuming cannabis through the mouth, including infused food and drinks, ingestible cannabis oils, and tinctures. This method of consumption means the product is ingested through the digestive tract before entering the bloodstream into the body. Cannabis edibles are available as infused cookies, bear gummies, chocolate bars, cakes, bakes goods, and chewing gums.

Different types of cannabis ‘high’

Recreational cannabis is largely an individual experience. Though there is some common ground, the way people react to cannabis is often different from one person to another.  While ingesting recreational marijuana, you may pass through different stages, depending on your unique body chemistry. Regardless, there are a few common types of ‘high’ people often get with marijuana:

  • The beginning effects
    After smoking marijuana, you may get swollen eyes, burning lungs and you may have to try not to cough. These symptoms occur right at the start. THC will cross the blood-brain barrier and settle into the CB1 receptor, powering up your neurons and beginning to get you high.
  • Euphoria
    In this stage, a recreational marijuana consumer may have a powerful and palpable sense of euphoria. Laughing may last much longer than normal. Your limbs might feel heavy, and you won’t be able to move. People in a state of euphoria feel carefree and happy.
  • Deep contemplation
    Some people experience a deeper than usual contemplation. They might start considering things that they’ve never even thought to consider before. They analyse things deeply. Sometimes, people become overwhelmed by these deep thoughts and are often engaged with friends in deep discussions. Many people feel like a genius when they experience deep contemplation – although whether those thoughts are as genius when they become sober is another matter.
  • Paranoia
    Some people experience paranoia after consuming cannabis. Paranoia feels like a heightened anxiety, feeling that something bad might happen or is happening. Paranoia can be an extremely negative experience, and can make the world seem a very scary place. The paranoia feels extremely real until the effects of the high wear off.
  • The munchies
    The “munchies” are a common side-effect of ingesting certain strains of cannabis. THC gives the high feeling when recreational cannabis is consumed. However, it is also responsible for increasing food cravings among people while taking the drug. THC enhances cannabis users’ sensitivity to smell and makes aromas from food more potent, which often causes them to eat more.

Every high is different

Recreational cannabis has different physical and mental effects on the body. Mental effects can include a changed way of thinking, hallucinations and over-thinking. Physical effects of marijuana can include relaxation, vomiting, and dizziness. Recreational cannabis influences each in a different way depending on the dosage and way of consumption. Many side effects are enjoyable, while others can be extremely unpleasant. The safe and legal consumption of cannabis can help make the trip better for users.

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Neil believes Cannabis has medical benefits and should be prescribed by a Doctor. This site aims to provide accurate information on the science and legality of Cannabis so you can make informed decisions.

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