How to Ensure a Smooth, Safe, and Effective CBD Experience as a First Time User

Common Misconceptions about CBD

As a first-time user, the first things you need to address are possible misconceptions about the substance that might interfere with your user experience. Unlike marijuana, CBD hasn’t been around for quite as long, so it’s still currently shrouded in certain misconceptions and misrepresentations. As time goes on, a lot will come to light concerning these misconceptions. But for the moment, the following are some commonly held misconceptions that have been thoroughly refuted:

  • CBD can intoxicate you
    CBD is an extract of cannabis containing only substances that deliver the medicinal effects of the drug sans psychoactivity. The psychoactive properties of the drug are mostly borne by its THC, which is not present in CBD extracts.
  • All CBD are marijuana extracts
    CBD oil can be obtained from both marijuana and industrial hemp. But industrial hemp is the major source of CBD that’s legally approved as a health supplement.
  • There’s no major difference between hemp and marijuana
    While both come from the same plant family, they’re both wildly different in physical and chemical composition, cultivation methods, and applications. One of the major differences between marijuana and hemp (and the most important reason why hemp rather than marijuana is legally approved as the source of medicated CBD) is that the former has significantly higher levels of THC content. Also, while marijuana is grown mostly for human consumption, hemp has been cultivated for thousands of years for a wide array of industrial applications like clothing, paper, etc.
  • CBD is a sedative
    This is an exaggeration of the calming, relaxing, and anxiety-relieving effects of CBD. It has also resulted from the fact that low-quality CBD products may contain significant quantities of THC, which might have sedative effects.
  • All CBD products have the same qualities
    Not all CBD products are extracted and produced with the highest quality standards, so you need to keep a weather-eye out for the quality of the CBD. You could probably mar your experience as a first-time user if you choose the wrong CBD product.

What are the Guarantees that CBD will be Safe and Effective for You?

Many factors can make or mar your CBD user experience, including the type and quality of CBD products you use. img src

A wide range of factors can affect your CBD user experience, and you might need to experiment for a little in the beginning to find the best way to use the drug. Some of these factors are internal, like your unique body composition, metabolism rates, etc, and others external like the delivery method, the quality of the CBD, and the dosage. Here’s a breakdown of some of these factors:

  • Determining your goals
    First, you need to determine the specific benefits you want to obtain from the substance. CBD has a wide range of therapeutic effects ranging from pain relief to anti-depressant, anti-inflammation, etc. This will help you properly gauge the overall effects of the substance.
  • Finding the right CBD product and dosage
    You can choose from a wide variety of CBD products depending on your intended use. Each method induces the effects of the substance differently, for instance, smoking and vaping releases the effects instantaneously, while edibles are assimilated at a much slower pace.
  • Determining the exact target for the treatmentCBD takes effect on over 65 different targets in the body. Depending on the ailment you want to treat, you’d want to make sure the CBD reaches the exact point where it’s needed. For instance, you can rub CBD topical directly on the site of skin blemishes or where you’re feeling muscle cramps.
  • The planned duration of the drug use: You might need to use the drug consistently over a certain period before you can start noticing significant effects. 

Precautions to Consider When Talking CBD

Given the relative nascence of CBD, there’s still a whole lot more that you need to learn about the drug. As such, when testing it out, you need to take certain precautions.

  • For starters, as a new user, you should start out with very small doses, and then gradually increase it to raise the intensity of the effects as you deem fit.
  • Also, another important precaution is to seek out the advice and supervision of a medical expert before you start out the drug use, especially if you’re currently placed on other medications.
  • You should also do your due diligence to ensure that you buy only high-quality CBD products. Given the current illegalities surrounding the drug use, there’re currently no reliable quality checks in CBD markets, so the onus of choosing a high-quality product falls on you.

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