6 Ways to Consume Cannabis That You’ve Never Even Heard Of

The Marijuana Edibles Sub Sector Keeps Getting Bigger and Better

As expected, the legalization of marijuana in many states has opened the floodgates for innovation on many fronts — from medical to culinary treats and everything in between.

An expanding variety of marijuana recipes and edibles get created from the stables of various companies on a daily basis. This is so much so that weed brownies and candies, once the craze of the day, are fast becoming old fashioned.

The innovative cannabis spirit has resulted in products you’ve probably never heard of, and never expected. Perhaps some might flop while others become especially welcome among consumers, but regardless of the outcome, the innovative spirit is welcome.

Here are 6 ways to consume cannabis that you’ve probably never even heard of.

6 Ingenious Ways to Consume Marijuana

1. Ceria Beer:

Ceria Brewing Co has whipped up a dazzling cannabis-infused beer that offers a method of consuming cannabis in a social setting without being a bother with cannabis smoke. The alcohol-free beer contains 5 milligrams of THC, enough to help you break loose after a long day at work. The company also has two other marijuana-infused beverages in the works, so you should watch out for this space.

Ceria is a nonalcoholic, cannabis-infused beer. Source

2. Kandy Care’s Cotton Candy:

This is a cannabis-infused, award-winning cotton candy. Depending on your level of tolerance, you can spread out the 55 milligrams THC content available in a package into 4 servings. It’s available in two varieties — Phaded Pink and Blazed Blue. To provide even more exiting micro-dosing options, Kandy Care also produces lollipops and lozenges with 15 different flavors. Each lollipop contains 65mg of THC, while each lozenges contains half as much TCH as the lollipops.

Kandy Cares Cotton Candy. Source

3. Kush Nuts:

Kush Nuts combines marijuana with  a healthy mix of almonds, garlic, cashews, and rosemary. The formula is compatible with various lifestyles, including keto, paleo, and vegan. The product is available in three sizes ranging from 45 to 180 milligrams of THC, with different bags infused with a specific strain that produce different effects.

Kush Nuts. Source

4. Love Oven’s Cheese Crackers:

The Love’s Oven’s cheese crackers are sugar free, featuring cheddar cheese, fresh rosemary, cannabutter, and milk. Each cracker is 100 percent handmade from start to finish, with 100 percent chemical-free ingredients. The product comes in two packs — one with 10 crackers, each laced with 10 milligrams of THC, and another with a total THC content of 10 milligrams spread across 20 micro-dosed crackers.

Love Ovens Cheese Crackers. Source

5. Pura Vida’s Medicated Granola:

Pura Vida’s medicated granola are 100 percent organic, gluten-free treats that are loaded with 250 milligrams of THC, which is supposed to be taken in 10 doses. There are many flavors of the product to choose from, including Cinnamon & Coconut, Dark Chocolate & Cranberry, and more. It’s a great micro-dosing alternative that allows small THC doses anytime, anywhere, without inconveniencing yourself and others.

Pura Vida’s Medicated Granola. Source

6. Mary Jane & Co. Almond Milk:

The Mary Jane Juice Co.’s  Vanilla Almond Milk is a highly versatile option. Add it to a wide variety of breakfast recipes, from oatmeal to smoothies, and lots more.

Mary Jane & Co. Almond Milk. Source

Final words

Cannabis-infused products are the latest in innovative ideas. With a wide variety of foods, snacks, candies, and drinks available to consumers, the possibilities are limitless. Virtually anything edible that one can think of may eventually have a cannabis-infused alternative.

The innovative spirit will become even more visible as more countries — and states/regions within countries — debate cannabis legalization for recreational use. With such legalization actually taking place, expect actual ideas of cannabis-infused products to eventually become realities.

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Neil believes Cannabis has medical benefits and should be prescribed by a Doctor. This site aims to provide accurate information on the science and legality of Cannabis so you can make informed decisions.

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