CBD Oil in New Zealand

CBD increases in popularity along with cannabis legalisation support New Zealand’s cannabis acceptance has increased significantly in recent years. As of last year, 67 percent of the country support cannabis legalisation for recreational use, while over 87 percent supported legalisation for medical use. Just two years prior, these figures were 50 percent and 80 percent, respectively.Continue reading “CBD Oil in New Zealand”

A Guide to Buying High-Quality Hemp Oil

Where can You Find Hemp Oil and What Does it Cost? Thanks to its incredibly rich medicinal and nutritional profile and negligible THC contents (0.3%), hemp oil is a cannabis product that’s been spared from the ban on the whole plant. Hemp oil is, therefore, readily available as a legal product across wellness stores, pharmacies, dispensaries, andContinue reading “A Guide to Buying High-Quality Hemp Oil”

CBD Oil in Auckland

Auckland is the great CBD capital of New Zealand Tilary, a Canadian cannabis company, first received an export licence to New Zealand in February 2017. CBD (cannabidiol) oil in New Zealand was first shipped to Middlemore Hospital in Auckland. Availability of CBD oil in Auckland increased as a result of the legalisation of medical cannabis in December 2018 for terminallyContinue reading “CBD Oil in Auckland”