Proportion of Australians Who Support Cannabis Legalisation is Growing

Interviews of over 50,000 Australians show cannabis legalisation views New Roy Morgan research results show increasing support for cannabis legalisation amongst Australians, although those who are against legalisation are still the majority. The results, drawn from in-depth face-to-face interviews of over 50,000 Australians, also shed some light on the profile of those likely to support legal marijuana, as wellContinue reading “Proportion of Australians Who Support Cannabis Legalisation is Growing”

What is CBD and how does it relate to THC?

CBD continues to gain popularity CDB (Cannabidiol) seems to be a gift that keeps on giving, with its list of medicinal properties growing by the day. The popularity of the compound has been increasing steadily worldwide, as people become familiar with its benefits. For example, since hemp became legal in the United States, hemp-based CBD productsContinue reading “What is CBD and how does it relate to THC?”

Why Cannabis Smuggling Has Risen In California – And What NZ Can Learn

Cannabis laws in California The state of California has always been at the forefront of cannabis legalisation in the United States (US). In 1996, California became the first state in the US to legalise the use of marijuana for medical purposes. The bill was passed into law under California’s Proposition 215 following a majority vote of 55.8%.  TwentyContinue reading “Why Cannabis Smuggling Has Risen In California – And What NZ Can Learn”

Legalizing Cannabis Actually Reduces Crime

The US example: A brief history on the criminalisation of marijuana The first anti-marijuana laws in the United States of America can be traced to the 1910s and 20s. These laws – prominent in the Midwest and Southwest – were predominantly directed at Mexican immigrants and Mexican Americans. Many of these immigrants were refugees seeking to escape the violenceContinue reading “Legalizing Cannabis Actually Reduces Crime”

Cannabis: What New Zealand Can Learn from Colorado and California

Who has legalised cannabis? In December 2018, New Zealand legalised cannabis for medical use. In addition, a referendum for legalising recreational cannabis use was scheduled for 2020. Thus, it’s only natural that the conversation concerning recreational cannabis legalisation has continued into 2019.  To implement the right policies, in the event that cannabis is legalised for recreational use, New Zealand must beContinue reading “Cannabis: What New Zealand Can Learn from Colorado and California”

What Do Religious Leaders Say About Cannabis Legalisation?

Cannabis is increasingly gaining acceptance worldwide, but there are complexities from a religious perspective Religious leaders can be found among cannabis strongest supporters, and also its strongest opponents. Catholics are the most divided Christian group, with an almost 50/50 split in opinions for and against. A new study conducted by Barana Group asked Christian andContinue reading “What Do Religious Leaders Say About Cannabis Legalisation?”

California’s Cannabis Regulation Is A Mess – What NZ Can Learn

California’s confused cannabis industry There are nearly 600 different cannabis regulations applied across the state of California. Cannabis businesses in the state are subject to thorny patchworks of state and municipal regulations. To boot, 393 of California’s 482 cities/towns continue to disavow legalization, as each city has jurisdiction over what cannabis regulations to adopt. WhileContinue reading “California’s Cannabis Regulation Is A Mess – What NZ Can Learn”

Progress in New Zealand’s Cannabis Legalisation Journey

The legal cannabis journey continues Last year, New Zealand legalised cannabis use for medical purposes, and announced its intention to hold a referendum in 2020 on whether cannabis should be legalised for recreational use as well. So far, details of the referendum haven’t been so forthcoming, but an unveiling of a cannabis plan this week is likelyContinue reading “Progress in New Zealand’s Cannabis Legalisation Journey”

NZ Split on the Legalisation of Cannabis

New Zealand’s cannabis referendum is less than six weeks away Less than six weeks away from the cannabis referendum, New Zealanders are equally split in their support for the Yes and No campaigns. A Horizon Research poll indicates that support for both sides is tied at 49.5 percent.  But while Kiwis are tied on both sides ofContinue reading “NZ Split on the Legalisation of Cannabis”

Look How the Global Market for Cannabis Is Growing

How the Global Market for Cannabis Is Growing? According to a report from the United Nations in 2017, cannabis was found to be the most widely used drug, with nearly 188 million consumers. The 2019 World Drug Report reveals about 271 million people globally, or more than one in 20 of the population aged 15 to 64,Continue reading “Look How the Global Market for Cannabis Is Growing”