Our goal for this website is simple

Our goal for this website is to provide information to New Zealanders who are looking for it, in the run up to the 2020 referendum. We aim to provide facts on some of the relevant considerations – the economic, scientific, sociological and other costs and benefits of legalizing Cannabis for recreational consumption.

What’s our position on the legalization of recreational Cannabis in New Zealand?

Our small team is all supportive of seeing recreational Cannabis legalized in New Zealand. We think it’s a human rights issue first, a social health issue second and not at all a criminal matter.

However, we do genuinely want to express both sides of the discussion. There are concerns associated with the use of Cannabis, particularly when it is young people who are consuming the drug. Cannabis can make things worse for those already suffering mental health issues (of some sorts) and addicts roughly 1 in 10 people who start taking it. If you have any data or research you would like to share, we will happily consider it for inclusion in our blog.

Where did Cannabis Express start?

We started in Australia. Saw what was happening in the US and wanted the same for Australia, to bring the Cannabis out from behind the sofa. Got the site going early in 2018.

We watched during the year as more states legalized, Canada legalized, Mexico started thinking about it and so many other changes happened in the market. Legitimate interest in the US from drinks companies. Public Relations and ‘big’ (market) money from the people, mostly in Canada.

In the meantime, NZ has agreed to have a referendum on the subject. Given the indicative statistics (65% of Kiwis support legalization at this time) the issue seems set to be les divisive than similar events which led up to Brexit and the inauguration of Trump.

What’s next for Cannabis Express New Zealand?

If and when Cannabis is legalized for recreational use, we would like to contribute to the industry in some form.