Cannabis Lighters

What is a lighter?

Lighters are portable incendiaries – they’re made to create flames and ignite combustible materials. These materials include cigarettes, gas cookers, wood, and many others. Lighters – for smokers and non-smokers alike – are an essential tool.

For non-smokers, lighters come in handy for cooking, outdoor activities such as camping or hiking, and many everyday activities. For smokers, lighters are an indispensable accessory. Whether it’s to light a candle for a romantic dinner or to cast a light on a dark and shadowy road, lighters are a life staple.

What Can They Be Used For With Cannabis?

The oldest and most popular method of cannabis consumption is smoking. The existence of water bongs – a device used to smoke cannabis – can be traced to ancient civilisations as far back as the Ming Dynasty China.

Smoking involves the combustion (burning) of cannabis leaves, flowers, or buds in order to release chemical-laced smoke. This smoke is inhaled to cause psychoactive effects. Cannabis can be smoked traditionally – rolled in paper – or through apparatus such as pipes and bongs.

In order to kick off the combustion process, which releases the psychoactive effects of cannabis through smoke, the cannabis would have to be ignited. To be ignited, a flame would have to be introduced to the cannabis.

How are lighters useful to cannabis consumers?

There are a number of ways to consume cannabis, one of which is inhalation. This process involves the inhalation of smoke or vapour. Cannabis can be smoked through mediums such as joints, blunts, spliffs, bongs and pipes. For persons who prefer to ingest their marijuana by means of smoking, lighters are a crucial accessory.

It is impossible to smoke without fire, except when using electronic devices like the vape pen. When choosing to consume cannabis by smoking, individuals need to keep in mind that the absence of a source of fire makes smoking virtually impossible. A flame needs to be introduced to cannabis to kick off its combustion process. It is only when a flame is introduced and cannabis begins to burn that one can feel the psychoactive effects of the plant via smoke.

Lighters are essential for cannabis consumers in ownership of smoking apparatus such as bongs and pipes. Bongs and pipes – just like joints, blunts, or spliffs – require a flame to release the psychoactive smoke desired by individuals.

How Much Do Lighters Cost?

Lighters are an essential accessory no matter the situation. However, this does not mean all flames are fit for all circumstances. Even in accessories as basic as lighters, there are variations. These variations account for a number of things, including the cost differences in these instruments.

For brevity, we will be restricting the variations to lighters beneficial to cannabis consumers, not all lighters.

  • Disposable Lighters 
    Disposable lighters are the most common. They are cheap, plastic lighters that can be found anywhere from gas stations to local kiosks. These lighters can be bought for as little as $1.25 USD (United States Dollars)
  • Zippo Lighters 
    Zippo lighters are very popular in Hollywood films. Zippos are old-fashioned metal flip lighters. Unlike disposable lighters, Zippo lighters are reusable. They are made of extremely durable material and can last for years (though they may need to be refilled ever so often). Zippos are known to be reliable in extreme situations, hence the perfect option for outdoor activity lovers. Zippo lighters can set you back anywhere between $12 USD to $110 USD for collectible versions.
  • Torch Lighters 
    Torch lighters are powerful lighters, perfect for extreme weather situations. No matter the storm, the torch lighter’s flame will brave it. Torch lighters are durable, refillable, and in most cases, waterproof. They’re usually small and light, but they can incur a special running cost due to the fuel – butane – used to refill them. Torch lighters can cost anywhere from $12 to $30.
  • Plasma Lighters 
    Plasma Lighters are technology’s newest innovation in the world of lighters. These lighters do not contain flammable liquids such as butane  they’re electrically powered. Plasma lighters bear semblance to classic zippo lighters. However, when the lid is flipped, instead of a flame, individuals are met with four diagonal coils which form an ‘X’ at the point they all meet. This lighter is powered by electricity and needs to be charged with a USB (Universal Serial Bus) cable. These gadgets can be purchased for prices ranging from $16 to $50.
Zippo Lighter.
Plasma Lighter.

Some of the most interesting lighters

With the myriad of lighters available on the market, picking a favourite can be a daunting task. Here’s a good list o start with.

  • BIC Classic Lighter 
    The BIC Classic Lighter is exactly that: A Classic. This inexpensive and disposable lighter is a staple. No matter the technological innovations that surround lighters, the classic, disposable lighter will always be a necessity.
  • Zippo chrome lighters 
    Simple, sleek and reusable, the Zippo Chrome Lighter is a solid pick for a lighter. Zippo lighters are known to be extremely durable and fair in bad weather.
  • Tesla Coil Lighters USB Rechargeable Windproof Arc Lighter
    The future of lighters is plasma. Electrically powered lighters are gaining traction in the cannabis community and why not? They are sleek, rechargeable,and incur no extra charges. This lighter is perfect for individuals want to enjoy cannabis in the most chemical unaltered way possible.

Final words

For those who prefer smoking to other methods of cannabis consumption, a lighter is quite a necessity. Choose whatever type of lighter that matches your need at the moment, and always remember that smoking cannabis, as opposed to other methods, could cause some health issues. Perhaps trying an alternative might be beneficial.

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