The Best Cannabis Products for Christmas

From cannabis edibles to bath bombs, here are the best picks for cannabis-friendly gifts for Xmas

Cannabis products are now available in various forms. In addition to smoking marijuana, you can now eat, drink, and even apply it on your skin or hair.

The growing worldwide acceptance and popularity of cannabis have translated into numerous different types of cannabis products on the market, providing many options for marijuana-related Xmas gifts. 

The potential of cannabis to relieve many medical conditions, as well as the claim that guided consumption of recreational marijuana doesn’t cause any harm, make cannabis a useful Xmas gift that appeals to the recipient.

You should, however, be careful when flocking to vendors and buying a cannabis-related gift. Make sure you choose properly labeled and high-quality products only from approved vendors. You must keep in mind the recipient’s age, jurisdiction, and other factors when buying them a cannabis-based Xmas gift.

For some ideas, here are the best cannabis products for Xmas:

Cannabis beverages

If the recipient loves beverages, then there’s no shortage of Xmas gifts. There are now cannabis-infused herbal tea, sodas, cold brew, THC beverages, tonics, elixir, coffee and many more. Cannabis beverages are about to become mainstream products. They are gaining more exposure day by day. Cannabis-infused cocktails are available, though they are still in their infancy. As more states legalize recreational marijuana, the available cannabis-infused beverage options will increase.

Many top beverage brands, such as Coca Cola and Zasp, are making headlines for their plans to launch cannabis-inspired beverages. Moreover, many new cannabis-based beverage companies, like Canna Punch and Cannabis Quencher, are promising more products for cannabis users, increasing the options of options for marijuana beverages on Xmas.

Disposable vapes

Disposable vape pens make the perfect Xmas gift for daily users. It is also an excellent present for a new marijuana user. Disposable vapes are available in sativa, indica and hybrid form. You can get it in different flavours, such as a banana smoothie, strawberry daiquiri, and many more.

Brands are making awesome cannabis vapes pens. src

Cannabis edibles

There are cannabis-infused chocolates, gummy bears, cakes, cookies, marshmallows, baked goods and much more. You can gift delicious edibles to your dear ones who love cannabis. You can buy these items individually or present them as a gift hamper.

Cannabis beauty products

The beauty and skin care industry is another big industry to opt in on the marijuana trend. There are serums, moisturizers, lotions, sprays and even mascaras containing cannabis oil.

Cannabinoid (CBD) oil is believed to reduce stress and muscle pain. Yet its benefits on the skin have captured the attention of the beauty industry. Research in this industry claims that CBD oil has been shown to reduce excess oil production in the skin and is highly effective in decreasing skin inflammation, making cannabis beneficial for acne treatment. Amazon and Sephora are already selling cannabis beauty products in sleek packaging that has nary a marijuana leaf in sight. You can gift CBD-infused soap, exfoliating masks with CBD, body lotion with cannabis-sativa-seed oil, CBD-infused lip balm and many other products out there.

Sephora is selling cannabis beauty products. src

Cannabis capsules

Cannabis capsules are not as sweet as marijuana-infused cookies and gummies or as refreshing as marijuana cocktails. These capsules make the perfect Xmas cannabis gift for those who just want a hint of the drug. Cannabis capsules are mostly used by those who don’t want to smoke cannabis, and don’t want it in the form of snacks and drinks — they simply want to consume it in the form of medicine.

Cannabis capsules are popularly used for consuming CBD. You can choose this gift for anyone who wants a light CBD dose without showing off his or her cannabis consumption.

Final words

From drinks to vapes, edibles to capsules and more, the recent wave of cannabis legalization is sparking innovative products. Long are the days when the drug was simply smoked. New methods of consumption no make it possible to consume cannabis without the dangers of inhaling carcinogen-filled smoke and fumes. These new methods make for some of the best cannabis products for Xmas, and with the legalization trend set to continue, expect even more innovative cannabis products.

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Neil believes Cannabis has medical benefits and should be prescribed by a Doctor. This site aims to provide accurate information on the science and legality of Cannabis so you can make informed decisions.

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