Why Micro-dosing’ Cannabis is Becoming Incredibly Popular – Especially for Older People

Micro-dosing as the best form of medical cannabis

CBD (Cannabidiol) is rising in popularity. The cannabinoid allows users to access the medicinal benefits of cannabis without experiencing the hallmark “high” associated with consuming the whole cannabis plant.

However, several studies on the entourage effect of cannabis suggest that CBD as a standalone product isn’t as medicinally effective as the whole plant taken with all its compounds.

Enter micro-dosing. With micro-dosing, you can explore the full medicinal profile of cannabis without getting hit with its psychoactive effects. As such, micro-dosing is fast becoming a popular trend. In fact, many quarters believe that in the wake of legalization on the national level, microdosing will become the most preferred method of consumption.

Microdosing has been shown to be highly effective in fast-tracking the healing process for various health ails, balancing moods, enhancing creativity, and ramping up yoga and workout sessions. 

Microdosing is taking center-stage as the preferred form of both recreational and medical cannabis

What is Microdosing?

Micro-dosing is the practice of taking a few milligrams of the whole plant per time. This is particularly an ideal mode of consumption for seniors who generally have low tolerance levels. It is also ideal for newbies to test the waters and find a suitable way of incorporating the drug into their lifestyle. Cannabis companies have been keen on providing these categories of users with products that allow for moderate and sensible use.

Several clinical reports lend credence to the principle behind micro-dosing, which holds that less is more. In one such study, patients with advanced cancer, to whom traditional opioid painkillers were ineffective, were placed on a THC/CBD compound at varying doses. It was found that patients who were placed on the lowest doses experienced the greatest relief of pain, while those who were given higher doses experienced worse pain.

In another similar study, a group of ex-prisoners with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD) were placed on low doses of Nabilone, a synthetic cannabinoid. The subjects reported significant relief from PTSD-related symptoms such as insomnia, nightmare, chronic pain, etc.

The most ideal delivery methods for micro-dosing

Certain delivery methods of canabis are more ideal for microdosing than others

The growing popularity of micro-dosing has brought about a sharp increase in the availability of low-dose cannabis products. These low-dose products mostly come in form of edibles and tinctures.

  • Edibles: 
    Laws in place were recreational cannabis is legal generally stipulate low doses of THC for every serving of cannabis edibles. These stipulated doses typically range from 2.5mg – 10mg. However, 10mg may be bigger than a micro-dose for many seniors, especially for new users. Many physicians recommend 2.5mg per serving as a threshold for micro-doses. Also, note that since the effects of cannabis edibles may take longer to set in than those of other methods, you need to wait for a few hours after consumption before taking another dose when you’re testing to see which amount of micro-dosing is best-suited for you.
  • Tinctures: 
    Tinctures are also ideal for micro-dosing, because they require the consumption of a few drops per time. As an ideal method of micro-dosing, tinctures are one of the fastest-growing categories of cannabis products. This year, wads of new tincture strains and products have been introduced into the markets to help people micro-dose more accurately.

Final words — How to micro-dose with precision

The growing popularity of micro-dosing has given rise to the greater availability of low-dose strains with THC contents below 8%. However, no matter the level of availability of low-dose strains in dispensaries, individuals may still find it dicey to identify the right micro dose for them. That’s because, as with most drugs, different people respond differently to different doses.

The difference is even more exacerbated in cannabis cases. The compounds in cannabis interact with the body through the endocannabinoid system, which differs significantly in makeup and functions from one individual to another. And the endocannbinoid system plays a central role in the execution of various bodily functions, from digestion to sleep, immunity, and mood balance.

As a result, everyone reacts differently to different amounts of cannabis, and what is optimal for one may not be effective for others. With an optimal micro dose, you draw down the medicinal benefits of the drug; and beyond it, you begin to feel less benefits and more undesirable effects.

To find your optimal micro dose, abstain from the drug for 48 hours to reset your tolerance, and then resume consumption afterwards, starting with a single milligram of THC, and gradually increasing the dosage. While increasing your dose, monitor your breathe, calmness, and mood, and stop the increment whenever you feel any undesirable changes in these factors.

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