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New Zealand awaits the upcoming 2020 referendum

For now, cannabis remains illegal for recreational use across all parts of New Zealand, including Hamilton, unless and until a favorable vote by the people, legalising recreational cannabis in the 2020 referendum.

However, medical cannabis is legal in New Zealand, and so patients with cannabis prescriptions from certified physicians can obtain and smoke cannabis in Hamilton.

Until the referendum turns out in favor of legalization, authorities in Hamilton will continue to enforce the law on cannabis suppliers, as well as patronizers, in the illicit black market. However, the overall public perception of cannabis use in Hamilton is quite favorable, as the stigma on the drug continues to wane by the day.

Enforcement of drug laws is generally lax in Hamilton, especially when it involves small quantities of the drug. As such, you can easily get away with buying cannabis for personal use, even when caught by the police. However, cannabis drug seizures are still well underway.

Despite lax enforcement, several seizures take place throughout New Zealand. src

Hamilton’s cannabis culture

Like other cities around the country, cannabis is an integral part of leisure life in Hamilton. The frenzy of the 2020 referendum is as palpable in Hamilton as it has been in many other cities across the country since its announcement.

Many people in Hamilton are appalled by the brazen, stiff-necked approach of the criminal justice system toward recreational cannabis. On numerous occasions, jurists in Hamilton have absolved cannabis law offenders brought before them of any crimes, in direct contradiction to the stipulated laws.

Many people in Hamilton understand that current drug policies have been grossly misinformed.

Also, the growing acceptance of recreational cannabis is holding across party lines. That’s because people understand that recreational cannabis issues are too delicate to be politicized. As such, representatives, public office holders, and the people, in general, have become more predisposed to broach and participate in deliberations over cannabis use.

Where do people buy cannabis in Auckland?

The Misuse of Drug Amendment Act directs all medical cannabis patients to buy their drugs through pharmacists, and that applies to patients in Hamilton. Medical cannabis patients in Hamilton mostly adhere to this directive, instead of going through the black market, where there are no guarantees of obtaining quality-checked products best-suited to their illnesses.

On the other hand, when it comes to buying recreational marijuana in Hamilton, the ubiquitous cannabis black market is almost nearly a heartbeat away from any place in the city. As stated, prohibition laws are usually not strictly enforced in cases where small amounts are purchased for personal use, so people in Hamilton generally do not find it difficult to buy cannabis for that purpose.

How much does marijuana cost in Hamilton?

Prices of cannabis in Hamilton’s black market vary depending on strains, location, and other factors. The following is a breakdown of the average costs there:

  • A prerolled tinny (joint): Weighs about a gram and costs $20 on average;
  • 50 bags: Weighs about 3 to 4 grams and costs $50 on average;
  • A hundy bag: Weighs about 7 grams and costs $10 on average;
  • An ounce: Weighs about 28 grams and costs $300 on average.

When is the NZ referendum on legalization?

The exact date for the referendum is yet to be set, but it will most likely not hold later than 21 November, 2020. If Kiwis vote in favor of legalisation, New Zealand will become the first country in the world to put the cannabis legalisatoin matter forward in a ballot.

With public support for cannabis legalisation growing consistently, the 2020 referendum may well result in the drug being legalised for recreational use.

In summary – the synthetic alternative

An alternative to natural cannabis, synthetic cannabis is also illegal in New Zealand. Despite claims of care in the manufacturing process of synthetic drugs, the fact remains that synthetic cannabis poses greater risks to health than cannabis. Although they interact with the same area of the brain as the natural compounds in cannabis, synthetic cannabinoids have been associated with much greater risks that have been well documented, including numerous overdose deaths in New Zealand. As such, synthetic cannabis will most likely remain illegal beyond the 2020 referendum, and it should be.

In the meantime, if you must consume cannabis, stick to the natural products. And more importantly, vote for cannabis legalisation in the 2020 referendum to avoid breaking the law by continuing to purchase illegal cannabis.

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Neil believes Cannabis has medical benefits and should be prescribed by a Doctor. This site aims to provide accurate information on the science and legality of Cannabis so you can make informed decisions.

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